January 20 - February 18

Your only limit is you and this month you’re feeling the motivation. Make it a goal to focus on your personal health and wellness and create routines for the aspects in your life that tend to fall to the sidelines; exercise, visiting your therapist (or calling your mom TBH) and eating clean at home. This refresh will give you the clean slate you need to initiate new relationships that will be important in the months to come.

Mane Attraction:  With the focus on your wellness refresh, keep it simple with some soft summer waves. Time is of the essence so try a hair hack to save time. Start by massaging volumizing mousse or texture spray into damp hair and separate hair into two sections.  Roll each section into a tight twist. Pick up your ionic dryer and give your hair some heat! Viola! Effortless summer waves with volume will have everyone thinking you spent hours in front of the mirror, when really you were pinning next week’s dinners.



February 19 - March 20

When your girl gang asks you to tag along for their weekend getaway, don’t say no! These gals will be the source of confidence you need to make a big change this month – and progress is impossible without change, so get after it, Pisces! Spoiler alert – your confidence will bring some new attention. But, don’t shy away! Use your self-assurance to lead your girlies and conquer your summer. 

Mane Attraction: Nothing turns heads like a sleek top-knot, right? Slather on the ant-frizz to battle flyaways and humidity then brush hair into a high ponytail. Take some time to smooth the hair and tighten everything up. Now, hold the last loop of your hair-tie and slide through your pony so a small loop remains standing at the top of your head. Wrap the ends of your ponytail around your bun and secure with hair pins. Finish with some hold spray and watch out world, Pisces has entered the room!



March 21 - April 19

Netflix, nap, repeat has been your M.O. the past few weeks, now it’s time to press pause and get out there IRL. You’re a creature of habit, so we totally understand this will be a hard break-up, but there’s summer love out there for you. And we don’t just mean with a SO! Exploration will spark a new hobby for you that will liven up your day-to-day and give you something to look forward to. Trust us, the Netflix will still be there. So what are you waiting for?

Mane Attraction: Spoiler alert, when someone asks you “what starts with the letter, ‘A’” the answer is not, “Aries.” It’s “Accessorize!” Think of your hair as a blank canvas and you’re the artist. Nothing is off limits. From hairbands, clips, flowers and playful pins your hair accessory jar is your oyster. And don’t forget adding a stylish floppy hat over beachy waves or a ball cap to show off your crisp ponytail into the mix. Can you see it? Yep, that’s you in MOMA.  



April 20 - May 20

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer this month, Taurus. Sabotage is in ear-shot so protect yourself and hold everyone you do business with accountable. It might be tempting to share every detail of your game plan, but honey, those ideas are yours and some things are better left kept close to the vest.

Mane Attraction:  Sour but sweet, that’s you, Taurus. And a middle part, high-pony with face framing tendrils will say just that. Begin with texture spray and middle part the hair. For those with flatter hair, tease at the roots. Pull forward the one inch of hair that is closest to your face on the left and right side. For extra ease, clip the two pieces together in front of your face while you gather the rest of your hair into a high pony – keeping the middle part intact! Lightly tug the sides of your hair forward to pull hair over the tops of your ears. Unclip the two pieces of hair in the front. Iron over each piece for a straight look or take a curling iron to add some curve.



May 21 - June 20

Balance will be your mantra for the most of this month. Things at home, work and with the SO are all in alignment. Take a mental note of this calm feeling because the waters will roughen towards the end of July and you’ll need to focus on getting back to your place of zen. With that said, stay in the moment and remember that life is cyclical – you are in charge! 

Mane Attraction: Your hair is in need of some extra dimension, so give it what’s it’s craving with a messy crossover pony that can be dressed up or down. Separate your hair into two sections in the front and one section in the back and give the back section a little tease at the roots for volume. Pull that section into a pony. Take your front right section of hair around the back and over the pony. Repeat with the front left section. Pull both ends down under your pony and fasten with a hair tie. Toss together all sections of hair and secure any lose hair with bobby pins. Dimension in five!



June 21 - July 22

Hey, jet-setter! The only place we’ve been seeing you is on your Instagram story, which looks all fun in the sun, but keep an eye on some family drama trying to add some shade. Being in close quarters with loved ones can sometimes rock the boat, but stay the path and be the voice of reason we know you can be!

Mane Attraction: Look like you just walked out of a salon with an at-home dry blowout that will last for days. Rough dry hair with an ionic dryer. Brush out the hair, section into pieces and prime your hair with setting spray as you go. Take your rotating iron, starting at the roots, and wrap a section of hair around the barrel. Let the iron rotate for 5 to 10 seconds on each section of hair. For extra volume place iron at the roots, wrap hair around the barrel, and pull slightly forward. Hold there for 10 seconds – that forward motion will push your at home blowout look from a 9.9 to a 10!



July 23 - August 22

Are people still singing, Work by Rihanna? Because, that’s you gal. You’ve been settling in to some new responsibilities at work. This month, those after-hours will really pay off and you’ll be rewarded by those around you. But, don’t stop there – the ladder to the top of your goals is tall and this is just one small victory of the many to come. And we would be remiss to remind you… Don’t forget to thank those who helped you get to where you are today! Gratitude looks good on you.

Mane Attraction: Let’s get straight to the point this month with a healthy look using your ceramic styling iron. First, avoid the dull with shine serum – with heat protection? Bonus! Give yourself a deep side part and section off the top of your hair. Section of a smaller portion of hair and clamp the iron to close the two sides together. Run the iron down your hair and repeat! Yas, stunna!



January 20 - February 18

You’re this close to re-downloading that dating app to your phone… but, DON’T! When you least expect it, you’ll have an encounter with an old crush. Things might not have worked out for you two the last time, but it’s a new year and a new season and you’re ready to get what you want. Vulnerability isn’t easy for you, Virgo, but let yourself feel all the feels.

Mane Attraction: Summertime means pool parties and backyard BBQ’s and for so many reasons – the first being maintaining the perfect tan – it makes sense to keep your hair up and off the shoulders! Try a new up-do with fun twists. Separate your mane into 4-6 sections depending on your hair thickness. Starting with the outermost sections, twist each into a mini bun – resting at the back of your scalp. Fasten in place with pins. Work your way in towards the center, twisting as you go. Once you have all mini twist buns in place survey for stray hairs and pin or spray to hold in place. We call this a July Twistini and it’s just as lovely as the cocktail you’ll be holding!



September 23 - October 22

Home life has been frustrating recently so put a focus on fixing issues at the root of the problem. Before you go all Wonder Woman, we’re sensing you need a solo get-away, where you can focus on you. When you return, you’ll have new superpowers giving you the ability to stay calm, verbalize your wants and mediate issues in your home life. Stay with it, Libra, and the scale is about to tip in your favor!

Mane Attraction: Shine brighter than the summer sun with shiny curls. You know the drill, continue using your hair mask twice a week for restorative shine, use your natural brush, and smooth out with oil. From there, pick your fave tool; rotating iron, curling iron or styling iron – whatever you choose, just don’t forget your sunnies!



October 23 - November 21

Hola, fashionista! You played it safe last season so with summer kicking-off you’re ready to make some bold statements with your look. The runway is all around you; at the office, date night, the beach – so don’t limit yourself by category. And with some more monies in your bank, you’ll be able to treat yourself to a splurge (or two).

Mane Attraction: Take your fashionista self one step further and make an oldie a goodie again. What look are we talking about? Corkscrew curls. The key is finding a styling iron barrel that’s small in diameter. With dry hair, section off hair and one-by-one wrap pieces of hair around the iron – twisting all curls to the back. Major key alert – do NOT brush the curls after and don’t forget to reinforce the curls with hold spray.  You are one brave soul, Scorpio!



November 22 - December 21

A weekend away is just what you and your partner or you and your bestie need to strengthen your bond. Words of affirmation and random acts of kindness are your love languages this month, so tell your partner or friend what you need and do something extra nice for your SO/BFF – chances are you’ll be more than satisfied with what you get in return!

Mane Attraction: We’ve all had that moment wishing our life was a RomCom and Mr. Right would just appear out of nowhere (basically every time we’re at Starbucks). Look “we’re rolling” ready with a low pony wrapped with a ribbon. Start by giving your hair some loose waves with your styling iron. Loosely gather your hair into a low side pony and tie in place. Give the tie a small tug down to loosen a bit more. Now add a ribbon of your choice around the hair tie and exit your dressing room, the scene is about to start! Start with solid black ribbon for a modern-day Audrey Hepburn look.



December 22 - January 19

Finances are tight this month so it’s time to reel in the social spending. Get creative and implement new ways to socialize without flexing the wallet; transform your outdoor pool into a beach oasis for a staycation, start an at home cooking club with your pals or head to your local park for a free workout. Your bank account will thank you!

Mane Attraction: With everyone distracted by July fireworks, you can get away with a hot tools cleanse this month. We challenge you to use zero hair tools for at least one day out of the week when you usually would. Challenge accepted? We thought so. While we love our insanely polished looks, it’s always smart to give your hair a mini vacation of it’s own before it’s back to business. This now grants you full permission to take that juice cleanse off your list for this month. Happy detoxing!