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January 20 - February 18

You’re doing big things at work these days and it’s definitely not going unnoticed. You feel a deep connection to your work and to you, your work is entirely personal. Things are moving quickly but just remember how fulfilled you are at work, both personally and professionally – that money is coming very soon!   

Mane Attraction: Those summer temps are starting to creep up and it’s getting hot outside, so let’s keep your tresses off your shoulders. Part hair down the middle and section in front of the ears while gathering the rest of the hair into a high pony. Braid into a fishtail, starting with two sections and pulling over a small piece of each side over, making sure to keep it snug but not too tight. Secure with an elastic and spray with a light-hold spray. Tease the sectioned hair in front of the ears for some volume and pin back by the nape of the neck to create some lift. You are summer ready in a snap!



February 19 - March 20

Feeling a little artsy these days? Your creativity and originality is off the charts lately and that little feeling you can’t shake off is genuine contentment with the current state of your life. Focus on the positivity coming in and continue to be inspired by it. You’re going to create something amazing, Pisces!

Mane Attraction: Kick off summer with a youthful look that still tells the world you mean business. Begin to pull hair into a half-up pony that starts at the temples with long, beachy waves. Using the pick-end of a comb, gather hair starting just above the temple, pulling in an upward motion. Pull into an elastic and tug at the hair to tighten. Curl hair with a 1” barrel curling iron, alternating directions and brushing out with your fingers.



March 21 - April 19

You’re feeling a little apprehensive in a relationship; resist the urge to make mountains out of molehills and ensure consistent reactions that are in line with proportion. Hate to break it to you but it is you, not them – but, the good news is that you’re the one who can change it: tell them the truth about how you’re feeling to lighten the load and then don’t allow them to weasel out of the truth. Instant Namaste for both of you!

Mane Attraction: Braids always add the perfect little something to any style, don’t they? Hit two on-trend birds with one stone with a reverse braided half-up topknot! Brush hair back and section hair just above the temples back to the crown and begin French-braiding. Secure with an elastic and before pulling all the way through, twist hair around as if you were pulling into a bun and pin with some bobbies. Curl the rest of your hair with a 1 ¼” Rotating Iron for blown-out tresses that scream summer lovin’.  



April 20 - May 20

Taurus got her groove back! You’ve been feeling a bit under the weather the last couple of weeks and you’re finally returning back to your bad self – welcome home! Your growth has skyrocketed and you’re feeling the benefits of all of that soul-searching; now get ready to achieve your greatest accomplishments. Welcome the change and accept the love and support from those around you.  

Mane Attraction: Summertime is all about the beachy waves – done quickly! With wet hair, rough-dry with an ionic dryer after running a bit of waxy pomade through hair, focusing on the ends. Blow out volume at the roots with a round brush, making sure the nozzle is always facing downwards. Once hair is 75% dry, section hair into four parts and twist, alternating directions away from or towards the face. Put your dryer on a medium setting and dry each section of twisted hair until fully dry. Spray with a light hold spray and leave twisted until fully cooled. Untwist and shake out your hair for instant beach bunny waves!



May 21 - June 20

Cash is king and it looks like someone is trying to infringe on your royalties! A tempting deal is coming your way but look out for the catch and don’t let them use money as leverage until you’ve had enough time to dig deep. Listen to that famous intuition, Gem, and feel free to say no. Keep an eye on your stacks and you’ll be golden!  

Mane Attraction: How about a bit of braided texture for those long summer nights? Part hair to the side and braid out three small sections of hair; one on either side and one underneath the hair behind the ear. Pull hair back into a low-slung half-up do, making sure to leave out the lowest braid. Bobby pin as necessary and your boho summer look is complete!



June 21 - July 22

There’s some movement happening in the dating department and it’s safe to say you’re going to be thanking your lucky stars – literally! Remember your primary relationship is always with yourself and everything is rooted from there. You can nix the notes on this lesson; it seems you’ll be reminded of it a lot this month!  

Mane Attraction: Nothing is more chic that sleek, shiny, straight tresses, right? Start by rough drying hair with an ionic dryer after running a leave-in conditioner through strands. Once hair is 85% dry, use a flat brush and use the concentrator attachment pointed downwards, brushing through as you dry. Part hair down the middle and straighten in small 2 – 3” sections with a 1” styling iron, slightly rounding out the ends as you go. Lightly spritz a shine spray over the head and you’ve officially got locks a la Cher!



July 23 - August 22

Someone had some secrets and now, you’re finally privy to that valuable info! Some of your BFFs could also benefit from it so, unless you’ve been sworn to secrecy, feel free to share the word of mouth. You’ll all appreciate what’s come to light and lives will begin to improve. Always the loyal one, Leo, people will thank you!

Mane Attraction: Your mane is getting so long, Leo! Let’s tame those tresses with a low-slung boho bun. Part hair and grab your favorite headband to secure around the head, making sure the elastic in the back fits as low as possible. From behind, grab hair and roll the ends in towards the head and into the elastic of the headband. Bobby pin as necessary and pull out a few loose pieces in the front for an undone look. Slightly tug at the crown for some volume and spritz with a light hold spray. Instant Nicole Richie vibes!



January 20 - February 18

Yes, we get it – your mantra lately has been #NoNewFriends. And for good reason; your close circle of friends are just simply the best! That said, it will serve you well to branch out a bit and make #NewFriends. Don’t worry if they’re into you, just be yourself and if you get good vibes from them, chances are they feel the same way about you. Go girl!

Mane Attraction: Let’s focus on some waves that look like you just stepped out of the blow-dry bar, shall we? For this look, start with dry hair and section into 2” sections. Use a Rotating Iron, making sure that the barrel is always rotating away from the face (double click to change direction!), to wrap hair around the barrel and close to let the rotation do its magic. Open after 4-5 seconds and let the curl drop. Do this all over the head and then blast with the cool shot setting on your ionic dryer. Lightly shake loose the curls with your fingers and spritz with a light-hold finishing spray. Complete magic and you didn’t even have to shell out any cash for a tip.



September 23 - October 22

Your work is about to be flung into the spotlight but don’t get shy, girl – this is your time to shine! You always submit A+ work but just be prepared to be able to present both sides of the argument so they see you as an objective, well-rounded thinker. You’ve got this!

Mane Attraction: How cute are Double Dutch braids for summer?! Go from the gym to the beach to cocktails with this uber-popular look thanks, in small part, to Instagram. Part down the middle and braid starting at the crown. Braids should be tightly knitted so use some texture spray for extra grit if needed. Spray with a max hold spray and head out the door!



October 23 - November 21

You’re usually the voice of reason in the fam and this month we see that becoming quite useful. Stay grounded during conflict and just be real – espec with the truth. This will be a snap for you, Scorp, as you’re most comfortable with the truth but this particular situation will be hot with familial emotion. Don’t get nervous, you’ll knock it out of the park!

Mane Attraction: It’s the season of boho style, how about we give it a try? Spritz some texture spray throughout strands for some extra grit and volume and create some bends in the hair for additional texture with a 1” barrel curling iron. Let’s keep it looking unpolished so feel free to make it messy, leaving the ends out and focusing on the shaft of the hair. Finish with a light hold spray and you’re ready for beach season!



November 22 - December 21

You’ve been distracted the past few weeks but you’ll be maintaining focus this month, thankfully! You’ll slowly be taking back your spot as the star of the show, so show ‘em what ya got and they’ll quickly remember. Have fun with it!

Mane Attraction: The summer heat is starting to set in – a topknot will keep you both styled and cool this season! Start by spraying some dry shampoo over hair for grip and messily gather hair at the crown. Pin with bobbies and lightly tug at the scalp for a lived-in look. Spritz with a light hold spray and you’re one and done.  



December 22 - January 19

It’s not just you, there does seem to be a little drama with loved ones. The good news is – it has nothing to do with you. Brush it off, don’t let it affect you and do be respectful of feelings when you can. Just be sure to stand your ground. Think of it this way – your silence will speak volumes!

Mane Attraction: Here at InStyler HQ, we love natural curls! Embrace them while letting loose for the summer season by first brushing through a curl-defining serum with a wide tooth comb. Using the diffuser attachment on your ionic dryer, start with a low-setting and gently gather curls in your hand as you dry. Once finished, apply a shine serum and voila!