January 20 - February 18

Aquarius may be the water sign, but right now you are on fire. You’re feeling sexy, looking great and turning heads. A friendship has the potential to turn into something more romantic, but with so many options opening up for you, you may want to let it simmer a little longer. Embrace the newfound attention and give yourself time to shine.

Mane Attraction: You need hair to match this month, so go for gorgeous. Starting with damp hair, use shine spray or glossing gel and let your hair dry naturally. Separate hair into sections and, starting mid-length, catch with a curling iron and wrap to the end. Finish with a shot of styling spray and the result will be soft and sexy curls.



February 19 - March 20

Practical Pisces, everything seems to be going just as you planned. You've been checking off boxes like a champ and keeping everything under control. But let's be honest, you've been wound up a little too tight lately and are starting to feel the pressure. Nobody's perfect, no matter how hard they try, and when do you get to have a little fun? Although it’s been an amazing period of opportunity and expansion on both a personal and professional level, sometimes you have to let your hair down and just live a little.

Mane Attraction: You don’t like to go “halfsies” on anything from appetizers to first dates. You’re often all or nothing … except when it comes to this month’s up/down style. Create some volume underneath with an upside down blowdry, spritz with a texture spray at the roots before you flip, then use a big-barreled curling iron to create subtle waves. Grab a claw clip and pull up towards the crown. It’s buttoned up enough for work, but after hours let it loose and suddenly you’re Brigitte Bardot on the beach.



March 21 - April 19

A seven-month cycle of movement is about to begin for you, Aries, and you’ll find yourself attracted to someone who shares your sense of adventure. It could be a romantic entanglement or a great new friendship, and this person’s “give it a go!” style will prompt you to take some chances. While everyone else is thinking pumpkin spice and sweaters, you’re yearning for beaches and bikinis. That might not be doable right now, so try something adventurous a little closer to home, like a Spanish or even a scuba diving class. You never know when – or where – newfound skills might take you.

Mane Attraction: You are feeling pumped up this month, so go for it with your style too. Lift hair at the roots with a tourmaline brush when you blow dry, then tease across the top to reap a wealth of volume. Spritz with texturizing spray, then gently brush over. Accessorize with a jeweled headband to add the appearance of extra height. It feels a little wild but, right now, so are you.



April 20 - May 20

Whoa, Taurus. Take a deep breath. You just took a huge leap to change a situation that has been stressing you out. It was a long time coming, and now you’re worried about the consequences. It’s true you are entering a period of uncertainty, but it will be so much better for you in the long run. Be kind to yourself over the next few weeks as you navigate these new waters, and trust that you made the right move.

Mane Attraction: The messy bun is simple and sophisticated at the same time. Starting with dry hair, part as normal then split into five or six small sections and curl. Pull hair back into a bun at the nape of the neck and secure with hairpins, then pull out the curled wisps to frame your face. Voila. It’s the ease you need this month.  



May 21 - June 20

People rely on you because, well, you’re awesome. You’re always there for your friends and family, and they know you’ll have the perfect kind word or cat gif when needed. But with work turning up the heat, you could do with a break from being everyone’s go-to girl. Don’t feel guilty if you take a step back. A little “me time” is a must to keep you from flaming out.

Mane Attraction: Give the French twist a new spin. To create a 40s-style wave, pull hair from the crown forward and to one side, twist up and back over and set with bobby pins. At the back, pull hair into a low pony before twisting up and tucking it in. The two will meet at the top. Pull out a few strays on the opposite side of the sweep and feel free to blunt cut the ends to give it a slightly punk finish. 



June 21 - July 22

Scrolling through Instagram hasn't been doing you any favors lately. Inspiration has turned into a little bit of obsession and it's been draining your energy. Comparison is the thief of joy, and that's what you're really missing right now. Thankfully, this cycle is closing for you by mid-month, and not a moment too soon. Your personal positivity will come back into focus, and you'll start seeing things from a fresh perspective. This will also cause you to reexamine a relationship that is based on little more than appearances. Remember, even if perfect moments are captured on camera, pay attention to what's really going on behind the scenes.

Mane Attraction: The 80s meets the 1800s with a romantic half-do. Blend a modern texture and asymmetric shape with a subtle wave to add a retro vibe. Starting with dry hair, make one big-barrel curl on the bangs, just next to the hairline. Pull up, pin back, and sweep the opposite end to the side. Emphasize the side fly-aways with a spritz of spray, and you have Madonna-meets-Ms. Austen.



July 23 - August 22

Oh Leo, you have a big roar but sometimes feel like a fluffy baby kitten inside. You recently attracted someone new into your life – they came on fast and then pulled back, leaving you a bit lost and confused. You don’t always have to be so strong, so take a moment to lick your wounds. If that means taking up tae kwon do or simply lounging in lots of luxurious bubble baths, do whatever it takes to get your confidence back. Then turn your inner kitten into a little minx.

Mane Attraction: A romantic, Venetian style will help get you feeling back on track. Separating hair across the top roughly evenly ear-to-ear, pull the back half into a low, loose braid. Curl the front pieces in sections then, using bobby pins, tuck a few of the strands back into the braid at varying lengths. Leave some strands loose for added insouciance.



January 20 - February 18

These last few months have been full of ups and downs, stops and starts. Every time you thought you made a decision, the circumstances would change. Right now, you’re reeling from the insecurity of all this contradiction, but a big shift is coming. Give yourself some time to focus on your future and be honest about your true desires, because all of that turmoil was about what someone else wanted. But be prepared to put all your cards on the table, because this time the decision will stick.

Mane Attraction: A strong 80s-inspired style will go with your newfound direction. Starting with clean, air dried hair, use a flat iron to lift the front of your hair at the roots and front. Slick the sides back while lifting the front with your fingers and spray, spray, spray – it is 80s inspired after all.



September 23 - October 22

This year you've been feeling like Mercury is constantly in retrograde, as you've been enduring all sorts of mishaps and technical difficulties. It's been quite a strain on you (and not to mention a little expensive) to face setback after setback because it's not in your nature, Libra, to be off balance. Things are finally being set straight as this tumultuous cycle ends for you. You can find your solid footing again, and expect smooth sailing until the end of the year.

Mane Attraction: The middle part is your mood of the moment. Add loose, cascading curls with an iron or pull into a low pony. Those with shorter locks can create a sleek lob with a straight iron. It’s less a style and more a state of mind. You can be as sensual or sensible as you feel because it’s all about balance.



October 23 - November 21

All your hard work is about to pay off as you finish an important project and your career cards fall into place. The recognition is rightly deserved. You’re used to uncertainty, and this financial cushion is going to feel so comfy. You could easily get used to this. The self-confidence that comes along with this change will bring even more success than you expected. That money ball is rolling for you. Reach out to old friends and workmates as even more opportunity is coming your way.

Mane Attraction: Behold the bobby pin. Sure, it solves lots of style issues, but this month it’s the focus. Feel free to grab a few – no, a handful. Slick back one side and pretty much shellac with your favorite spray, then add the pins as playfully as you like. Sideways, upside down, or criss-crossed, the choice is yours.



November 22 - December 21

You’ve been feeling a bit broody lately, contemplating the big questions and tearing up over cat videos. Emotions run high when the seasons change and, hey, we all need our downtime. But don’t let your introspective nature stop you from accepting invitations and opportunity – you may be missing out on some pretty awesome adventures. A new friendship is on the horizon that will reignite the fire inside you.

Mane Attraction: The power ponytail is the style you need right now. Blow dry with a flat or ceramic brush to tame any potential fly-aways. Lift roots at the crown and hit with heat to add volume, then sweep into a low placement at the nape of your neck. Add style to this classic look with a romantic ribbon or add texture with double elastics.



December 22 - January 19

You, Capricorn, love to climb. It’s the nature of the goat sign. “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” could be your personal anthem, and nothing will keep you from reaching your goals. As the days get shorter and others might be settling in for a cozy winter, you are filled with energy and ideas about your future. A new friendship will spark your inspiration and you’re ready to get started on all those new projects that you spent the summer dreaming up. This creative burst might cause you to take on a lot at once, so stay balanced and remember that slow and steady wins the race.

Mane Attraction: Ah contraire, your hair. While big, bouncy curls still rule the runways, you’re feeling more streamlined this month. Start with a clean center part, lifting hair in sections at the roots to straighten with a flat iron. A simple sweep of a few strands behind the ears and you’ve got a simple, sleek style.