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1.25" Rotating Iron

Everything’s bigger with MAX PRIME. The MAX PRIME 1.25” Rotating Iron makes adding volume, blown-out waves, or simply de-frizzing thick and coarse hair easier than you dreamed. Our patented 2-way rotation polishes your hair with each pass, because your hair tools should work as hard as you do. The first row of bristles smooths and separates your hair, and the second row of bristles adds insane shine to each strand of hair. The rounded design of the barrel helps add body and volume. The result? Extra shiny, fabulous, and voluminous hair each time.

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• 1.25" Revolving Barrel with 2-Way Rotation
• Ionic Bristles
• Tourmaline Ceramic Heated Plate
• 4 Heat Settings up to 425°F
• 7' Professional Swivel Cord
• Automatic Shut Off
• Accessories Included: Removable Heat Guard


versatile multi-styler
adds shine 
healthier styling
removes frizz 
long-lasting style 
volume and body


Anyone who wants to straighten, curl, add body, shine, and de-frizz all with one tool. MAX PRIME works on all hair types.


  • Curly
  • Coily
  • Fine
  • Thick
  • Wavy
  • Straight
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1.25” Heated Rotating Barrel

1.25” Heated Rotating Barrel

This larger barrel size allows you to style even more hair at once, making it your fastest styling ever. MAX PRIME has digital temperature control which evenly distributes heat to protect your hair from damage. To maximize the smoothing and polishing action of the motorized barrel, set the barrel direction to rotate from roots towards tips of hair.
2-Way Rotation

2-Way Rotation

Simply double click the bristles to the barrel to change the rotation direction. This ensures the barrel is rotating in the natural direction of hair for maximum straightening and smoothing.

Ionic Bristles

Multiple rows of ionic bristles help to separate and align hair, while emitting negative ions to reduce frizz and create healthy, shiny hair with volume. The first row of bristles smooths and separates your hair, and the second row of bristles adds insane shine to each strand of hair.

Tourmaline Ceramic Heated Plate

The tourmaline ceramic floating plate aligns with the rotating barrel and helps to gently smooth hair and reduce frizz without crushing or creasing.

4 Heat Settings up to 425 °F

With 4 heat settings, MAX PRIME is perfect for all hair types. The multiple heat settings range up to 430°F.

7' Professional Swivel Cord

The professional swivel cord allows for tangle-free movement as you style your hair.

Automatic Shut Off

Automatically shuts off after 45 minutes of discontinued use.

Get The Look


The barrel direction should always be going with the natural direction of your hair so that it lays the cuticle down and polishes it.
Hold the tool in the mirror how you would be using it to style your hair. Close to see the direction it is rotating.
To change the direction of the rotation, double tap the barrel.

InStyler stylist, Lyndsey Terese, breaks down how to make sure the barrel direction is correct.


- Detangle, section, and smooth hair before styling. Make sure the barrel is rotating away from the face. 
- Grab a 1-2" section of hair and spread it across the barrel, making sure the brush is on top. 
- Close MAX PRIME at the roots and rotate wrist. Let the barrel rotate for a few seconds before gliding down hair. The tangle-free technology allows hair to glide smoothly as it polishes. 
- Go slower than you would with a flat iron to allow the barrel rotation to do the work for you. 
- Rotate your wrist so the hair is snug against the barrel. More tension will require less passes and a smoother result. 


1. Detangle, section, and smooth hair before styling.

2. Hold the tool vertically.

3. Grab a 1-2" section of hair and wrap it around the barrel. Make sure there are no loose strands hanging off the section and that all parts of the hair are on the barrel (and not the tool).

4. Close MAX PRIME for 3-5 seconds. The longer you press, the more defined the curl will be.

4. For beach waves, take a smaller section of hair, and wrap in alternate directions for a more undone texture. Leave 1-2’' of hair out on the ends.


1. Insert MAX PRIME at roots wherever extra volume is desired! Leave barrel in place for 3-5 seconds, then glide down.

2. For additional volume, over direct hair in the opposite direction and watch your volume build instantly!


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