Dean's List

Hi Everyone!

Now is the time of year women are getting antsy for some warmer weather, and with that comes a new look. If you are considering a fresh new haircut and want to go shorter, here are a couple of Q&As that will help you make that final call:

What advice would you give women who've always been scared to try a short haircut?

Well I would ask the question: "Why haven't you cut it in the past" They could have had a traumatic experience with a short hair cut in the past. Maybe their partner likes long hair - I have heard that so much in the past. Also why do they want to cut it? Do they want to save time? Is styling their longer hair too challenging to maintain? Or is styling becoming too damaging on your hair? The hair care industry is improving everyday, and they are coming out with some revolutionary tools you may not know about. A great example, is the InStyler. It is a rotating hot iron used to curl, straighten, or style faster than ever before. The Instyler uses less heat than traditional hot tools and delivers better results. Before cutting off all your locks, check it out at However, you may be looking for a fun new look or following a trend. I would explore deep before you make your up your mind. Once you commit to it, move forward with no regret. Remember attitude is everything...if you act like you hate it so will everyone else.

Which short cuts are the least and most flattering, generally speaking? (Or "safest" vs "riskiest")

One of the most risky haircuts is the "pixie." In order to do this with good results the face should be smaller and oval, much like Victoria Beckham. It is also wise to style it everyday. Most think when it is short, you can just wash and go...usually not the case. A little bit of volume in the crown, which you can achieve with the InStyler, can make a big difference. I think a safe haircut is a mid-neck length layered haircut that can be tucked behind the ears or curled as well as finished with a lot of texture and body.

Is there a way to pre-determine whether a short cut will look good? (i.e. pinning hair up in some certain way in front of mirror, or trying on a wig, even? or those online virtual-cut programs?)

The first thing on the "Dean's list" that I check is face shape to see if a particular haircut would be good. There are 7 different shapes: Oval, Square, Heart, Pear, Diamond, Oblong and Round. Oval is the most desired because you can do anything you want because the face is perfectly balanced. I wouldn't recommend a short cut if you have a "Pear" shape because it will not balance out the head enough. #2 on the "Dean's List" is your occupation - does the hair fit the job? And, #3 on the "Dean's List" is the willingness to continue the upkeep and dedication to styling.

What if you do get a bad short cut--will extensions be a good solution?

If the hair is shorter than 4 or 5 inches, extensions are not going to look natural and they will require a lot of maintenance. If you hate your short cut that much, invest in a great wig Just make sure you commit to it and wear it like your own hair. FYI, your hair grows on average of half an inch a month so do the math and figure out when it will be long enough to go back to normal.