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Ionic Dryer

THE FASTEST DRYER, PERIOD. How can we make such a bold claim? We tested TURBO MAX against the leading dryers (even one that costs 4 times as much) and, in all tests, TURBO MAX dried hair up to 35% faster. Plus, with 10x the ionic power of the average hair dryer, the ions break down the water droplets into a smaller size, helping to dry faster and leave hair with less frizz. Our unique aerospace-designed airflow system, combined with the new advanced hi torque motor, achieves maximum drying efficiency allowing you to dry your hair faster than ever before.


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PROVEN FASTEST - dries hair 35% faster

  • 10x the ionic power of an average hair dryer

  • Maximum Customization with Infinity Dial

  • Aerospace Designed Airflow System

  • Advanced Hi Torque Motor

  • Turbo Ion Generator & Tourmaline Ceramic Grill

  • 9' Professional Power Cord

  • Ultra Lightweight (14.4 oz)


proven to dry up to 35% faster
10x more ions than the avg. dryer
leaves hair healthy + shiny
ultra-lightweight for struggle-free drying


Anyone with a need for speed. TURBO MAX's new advanced hi torque motor blows every other dryer away with its unequaled power and drying speed.

TURBO MAX works on all hair types, purchase the diffuser separately to define curls. 

  • Curly
  • Coily
  • Fine
  • Thick
  • Wavy
  • Straight
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The Fastest Dryer, Period

How does it dry 35% faster? TURBO MAX’s new advanced hi torque motor combined with the aerospace designed airflow system, blows every other dryer away with its unequaled power and drying speed. This unique fan system allows the dryer to be up to 2lbs lighter than other dryers, which means using TURBO MAX makes hair drying a breeze.

More Ions, Less Frizz

TURBO MAX emits 10x more ions than the average dryer. The ion generator and tourmaline ceramic grill maximize frizz reduction for smooth, shiny, healthy-looking hair. Use the TURBO setting for thick/coarse hair and the LOW setting for fine/medium hair.

Infinite Airflow Options

Beyond medium, low, and high, the Infinity Dial allows you to customize the optimal airflow setting to give you more styling control. Turn the airflow up high when rough drying, and turn down to low as you polish off each section.

Tangle-Free and Easy Styling

The 9’ professional swivel cord allows for tangle free movement while styling. TURBO MAX is ultra-lightweight (14.4oz) making styling a breeze and helps to alleviate unnecessary strain on your wrist.

Get The Look

HOW-TO: Shiny Blowout

1. Towel dry your hair to absorb as much moisture as possible.

2. With the Infinity Airflow Dial turned all the way up, and the Turbo Ionic Switch set to your preference (high for thick, coarse hair and low for fine/thin hair), begin rough drying your hair to remove excess water.

3. When your hair is about three-quarters dry, turn down the airflow for precision drying to seal the cuticle for a frizz-free finish. Use the cool shot to lock in style when done.

HOW-TO: Diffused Curls

- Attach the diffuser to TURBO MAX.

- Set the TURBO Ionic Dryer to low heat and speed setting.

- Move the dryer around the hair while scrunching the hair into the diffuser.

- Continue until tousled, natural-looking waves are completely dry.


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