About InStyler


We’ve all got hair goals. At InStyler, ours started when we realized the need for innovation in hair tools. Just like you, we’re busy. Bad hair days aren’t an option. Who has the time to futz with a complicated blow dryer or straightening iron, especially if the end result isn’t what you intended? We imagined there had to be a better way to beautify, so our founder set out on a mission to create accessible and totally genius tools to help deliver amazing style while still keeping hair its healthiest. All of the products in the InStyler family are a result of tireless innovation, high tech engineering and true passion. Whether you’re long hair, don’t care or the perfectly polished type; a millennial or a mom, InStyler has got you and your hair goals covered. These are must have, top-of-the-line beauty tools for all generations. Because, let’s be real, the quest for gorgeous hair is universal.


As creators of the ORIGINAL Rotating Iron and leaders in hair tool innovation, InStyler designs technologically advanced tools that make styling easier and more efficient while delivering amazing results. Our patents represent our commitment to developing superior technology hair tools.


InStyler products are available at the following select retailers:

ULTA Beauty


Bed, Bath & Beyond

Sally Beauty