Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyles

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Hey there loves! The fall season is here and that means a new season hairstyles! Summertime is filled with care free, minimal effort looks. However, the perfect fall hairstyles can sometimes be time consuming and complicated. Fall is the time of year for hairstyles to be fancy but not over the top. We have some simple and stylish hairstyles that will elevate any outfit AND they are quick…did we mention they are cute?! 

Blowout Look
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This fall, we are loving the blowout look with lots of volume and soft curls. You can spice up your look with a blowout hairstyle. Achieving the perfect blowout look has never been easier, using our Max Prime adds volume and blown-out waves to your hair! A blowout is an easy way to style your hair and bring a more put-together look to your appearance. 

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Pinned Back Front Pieces

A trending look that we think will be a hit this fall is pinned back front pieces using a couple of hair clips. This look is practically effortless, time efficient, and so cute. Hair barrettes have made a comeback in the past couple of years, the perfect barrettes can elevate any outfit and make you stand out. All you need is our cute and colorful Hair Barrettes to pin back a couple pieces of hair in the front! Just like that…and you are done! 

Soft Beachy Curls

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Curls are the perfect fall hairstyle, they elegantly elevate your outfit and offer a truly classy look. However, sometimes they can be time consuming…That is why soft-beachy curls are the perfect solution this fall when you are running short on time! Achieve this look with our Cerasilk Curling Iron, taking bigger pieces and curling the middle section of hair making sure to leave an inch or two at the end uncurled. You will want to curl larger sections of hair which will give you a looser curl, once you are finished brush through the curls using your fingers and you will have soft beach curls!  


@instylerhair did you know our CERASILK curling iron also includes a grip tip for one-handed curling?! #innovation #NightDoneRight #fy #protip #curlingwand #hairtok ♬ original sound - xxtristanxo




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