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Smart Dryer


Smart Dryer

The 7X Smart Dryer has our most advanced features for shorter drying time, healthier, shinier, frizz-free hair. Introducing the new hands-free autopause feature that pauses the dryer when you set it down, and starts again when you pick it up.


  • Hands-free auto- pause mode

  • Trü Heat Technology

  • Magnetically Attached Concentrator Nozzle

  • Ionic Generator

  • Infinity Airflow Dial

  • 4 Heat Settings and Cool Shot

  • 9’ Professional Power Cord

Busy people who want the dryer to do more of the work. 7X has 7 times the ionic power for faster drying with less frizz, while also offering the convenience of advanced features like adjustable heat and power settings and the new auto-pause mode to make drying a breeze.

length: all
type: all
textures: all

fastest drying
less damaging

1. Towel dry your hair to absorb as much moisture as possible.
2. With the Infinity Airflow Dial turned all the way up, begin rough drying your hair to remove excess water.
3. Set the heat to your preferred temperature setting and run the dryer over your head using your hands to lift the hair at the roots.
4. When your hair is about three-quarters dry, turn down the airflow for precision drying for a frizz-free finish.
5. As you section hair, set down 7X to pause airflow. Simply pick up the dryer to restart airflow and move to the next section.
5. Once desired style is achieved, use the Cool Shot setting to lock in long-lasting style.

To view the manual for further instructions on how to use, click here.

WARRANTY: All InStyler tools are covered against manufacturer defects for one year after the date of purchase from an authorized retailer.

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