Summertime Fine

Summertime Fine

Summertime Fine

May 25 2022

Hey gorgeous, summer is right around the corner and we want to help you achieve the perfect hairstyles for the heat! Follow along as we walk you through the trendiest and easiest ways to beat the heat while looking chic.

Twist Back 

Have an event this summer but don’t want your hair in your face? This look is for you. The twist-back look is classy enough for any event or just a day at the beach. You start by grabbing one side of a front piece of hair and twisting it followed by the other side, pull back both pieces, and meet in the middle with an elastic band, and you have a simple princess-inspired hairdo! The best part is it only takes a few minutes to do! You can style this with straight or curly hair. We suggest classing it up by adding curls which can be easily achieved using InStyler’s Cerasilk Curling Iron, which gives you beautiful soft curls while protecting your hair from all damage at the same time. 


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High Pony

Who doesn't love a high pony? Especially during the summer heat! You can easily achieve this look by pulling your hair to the top of your head, try to comb it all in such a way that the hair is smooth and sleek without any bumps or fly-aways if you can. To be a little more fashionable with it, leave two large front pieces out as a face frame. If you need help taming those fly-aways Instyler has got you covered! Try our HOLD Volumizing Hair Spray to get that perfect slicked-back look. You can wear this style to any summer gathering and look put together without the added heat! 


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Beach Waves

Having voluminous beach waves will be in style any season, but especially in summer when you can look like you just came from the beach, but with perfect hair! And, if you did just come from the beach and need your hair to dry quickly, we have a two-for-one win for you! InStyler’s MAX PRIME Wet to Dry can give you those flawless beach waves with the perfect amount of body with the right amount of shine, all while drying it for you! So if you want those bouncy waves, or if you took a trip to the beach and have dinner at 5, this is the look for you. 

@instylerhair our W2D Rotating Iron is a classic that never goes out of style 😉 #ArbysDiabloDare #CloseYourRings #GRWM#Hairtok#NoBigDeal #fyp ♬ original sound - pradasaint

Last but not least, let’s not forget how important heat protection is! While achieving all your perfect summer hairstyles this year, make sure you are protecting your hair from damage while doing so. Your hair goes through so much damage to look beautiful, and we’ve got your back on the recovery side. Our PROTECT Foam Heat Protectant also repairs previous damage, our ingredient Baobab adds softness, smoothness, shine, and detangles hair for an amazing multi-use product that conditions as it protects.

Let’s have fun this summer!

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