How to Prepare Your Hair for Summer Changes

How to Prepare Your Hair for Summer Changes

How to Prepare Your Hair for Summer Changes

May 20 2022

Summer is here! For many of us its our favorite season, understandably so. The weather is finally warm, we're ready for margaritas, and having fun in the sun.

But just the same way you might be ramping up your skincare to account for extra SPF, you should take extra steps to protect your hair too.


1. Prepare for humidity

Summer months usually have higher humidity. Humidity can really amplify any dryness issues, because it changes the way your hair bonds together. It will very quickly revert your hair to whatever its original position is. You can never fully prevent your hair from being effected by humidity, but you can invest in moisturizing products and hair masks to make sure your hair doesn't become brittle. Check out our GLOSS and PROTECT which will help prepare your hair for humidity.

SOLUTIONS hair care

2. Stock up on Hair Foods

Just like certain foods can make your skin glow from within, eating certain foods can help your hair strength and look. High protein foods such as eggs, fish, yogurt, and sweet potatoes will help your hair. As always, water helps everything, so try to increase your hydration as well!

High Protein Foods

3. Get a Trim

Before you spend time in the sun, try to get a trim so you can get rid of any split ends. Because sun damage can also affect your hair, you'll want to prevent any further splitting and weakening of your hair.

Split Ends 

How are you preparing your hair for summer? Let us know if you have any secret tips!

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