Ionic Pro Dryer



Energy-efficient, aerospace-designed airflow system makes the Ionic Pro Dryer more powerful than a 2000W dryer.  Not only will your countertop look cute - but you can also dry your hair faster than other blow dryers.

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• Ultra Lightweight (13.5oz)
• High Power Motor
• High Compression Turbine-Fan
• Turbo Ionic Switch
• Infinity Airflow Dial
• Tourmaline Ceramic Technology
• 2 Heat Settings
• Cool Shot
• 9’ Power Cord
• Accessories Included: Concentrator 


  • Shinier, healthier looking hair
  • Dries hair in half the time
  • No arm fatigue
  • Ion delivery removes frizz
  • Customizable airflow for perfect control

Best For

  • Curly
  • Coily
  • Fine
  • Thick
  • Wavy
  • Straight
Flower Ionic Pro Dryer


Gorgeous, Healthy Looking Hair

Ion Boost feature to add more ions for faster frizz-free styling


Fast Drying, Energy Efficient

The energy-efficient, aerospace-designed airflow system is more powerful than a 2000 watt dryer


Customizable Airflow

Perfectly adjust the airflow to fit the styling you want with the Windwheel Dial
Woman using the Flower Ionic Pro Dryer


Ultra Lightweight

At only 13.5oz, makes drying a breeze instead of a workout
Woman holding her hair


Style All Hair Types

With 2 heat settings, customizable airflow settings, and turbo ion delivery


9' Power Cord

No need to get tangled while drying

Hi Gorgeous,

I love the word BOLD. To me, being bold means expressing yourself in the way only you can. Whether it’s through your hair and makeup or how you choose to decorate your home, being bold is a celebration of what makes you uniquely you whenever and however you want. FLOWER is my way of sharing all of the things I love for creating a life as vibrant and colorful as you dream it can be.

Love, Drew

Drew holding Flower Ionic Pro Dryer

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