TURBO MAX Ionic Dryer

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TURBO MAX has 10x the ionic power of the average hair dryer. Our unique aerospace-designed airflow system, combined with the advanced hi-torque motor achieves maximum efficiency, drying hair up to 35% faster than ever before.

• 10x Ions of Average Dryer with Turbo Ion Generator
• Custom Airflow Options with Infinity Airflow Dial
• Incredibly Lightweight (14.4 oz) with Aerospace Designed Airflow System
• Superior Drying Power with Advanced Hi-Torque Motor
• Tourmaline Ceramic Grill
• 9' Professional Power Cord
• Precision Styling Control with Removable Airflow Concentrator

Suitable for all hair types and great for anyone who wants less frizz and shinier hair in significantly less time. TURBO MAX's new advanced hi-torque motor blows every other dryer away with its unequaled power and drying speed. For those with curly hair, our Turbo diffuser attachment is available separately.

diffuse your curls

1. Dry the ends of your hair, and then attach your TURBO MAX diffuser.

2. As if it was your hand, gently cup your hair in the bowl of the diffuser.

3. Scrunch your curls from the ends up.

4. Work on your hair in small sections, spending a few seconds on each section

Move up toward the roots as you go.  

smooth & sleek blowout

1. Towel dry your hair to absorb as much moisture as possible.

With the Infinity Airflow Dial turned all the way up, begin rough drying your hair to remove excess water.

3. Set the heat to your preferred temperature setting.

Run the dryer over your head using your hands to lift the hair at the roots.

4. When your hair is about three-quarters dry, turn down the airflow for precision drying for a frizz-free finish.

Once desired style is achieved, use the Cool Shot setting to lock in long-lasting style.