How Can an Ionic Dryer Save You Time and Money?

Let's pour some out for all of the mornings we rushed out of the house with wet hair. Whether your old dryer isn't working the same, or you haven't been able to take the dive in investing into a new one - it's time to invest in a great dryer. Thanks to advanced hair styling technology, the latest dryers come packed with numerous benefits; a quick blowout, sleek finish, minimal hair damage, and fast dry time. One amazing tool that you deserve is the TURBO Ionic DryerIt gets you out of your door faster, makes your hair look shiny and healthy, and will leave you feeling fresh out the blowout bar.


Why an Ionic Dryer is a Must-Have Tool


When there are errands to run and work to attend to, nobody wants to spend a whole hour trying to dry their hair. An Ionic Dryer has some excellent features that will drastically shorten the time you take to style your hair and give you the look you seek. 


How it Dries Your Hair Faster


This ultra-light dryer has a special technology that enables it to dry hair much faster compared to other tools. Here's how it works.

   - The dryer emits and transfers negative ions to your hair
   - The positive ions in your wet hair are attracted to the negative ion
   - The ions split up the water molecules in your hair into smaller particles, leading       to quicker evaporation, thus allowing the hair to dry faster

This technology not only reduces the time spent styling your hair, but it also reduces frizz and safeguards your hair from damage. It's perfect for different hair lengths, types, and textures.


Other Great Features of This Dryer


Apart from its fast drying capabilities, this tool is equipped with a high power motor and a unique fan system that gives it extra power to work on even the thickest hair. Some of its other amazing qualities include:


  • Compact and super lightweight at 13.5 oz
  • Heat, power, and ion customization settings
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Technology
  • Cool shot button
  • 9' power cord length
  • Comes with a concentrator


Join Our Recycling Program


This dryer has an exceptionally long lifespan, and when you eventually decide to retire it, InStyler has a recycling program that you can benefit from. Whenever you recycle your tool with InStyler, you get 35% off your next order. This includes dryers from other brands. You can learn more and sign up for our recycling program here.

If you are looking for a dryer that boosts the health of your mane, gives you a striking look without a struggle, and saves your precious time, the Ionic Dryer is a perfect choice! Shop at the link below.