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InStyler's Rotating Iron Receives Positive Reviews Online


Our Rotating Iron is unique—it functions as a flat iron, curling iron, and volume booster, all in one, not to mention it keeps your hair healthy and frizz-free! It might sound too good to be true.

If you need the beauty pros to sign off on this before you'll believe it, check out Byrdie's review!  Author Kendra Aarhus says: "Well, I was impressed with the lift and fullness. The InStyler did provide great volume, and it certainly had the ability to flip hair out—from a slight degree, to a severe flip. All the styles I tried lasted for hours and the InStyler was pretty simple to use after I got the hang of it."


Not Your Average Iron


Flat irons can make hair look dead, crunchy, or creased, but not our Rotating Iron! It works on ALL hair types, so no matter your hair texture or length, you'll have shiny, voluminous hair in no time. 

Aarhus was skeptical about our claims at first, so she tested it out with multiple styles to see if it held up.  As someone with wavy hair prone to frizzing, she was worried our Rotating Iron wouldn't be able to tame her hair. So, she tried it three ways—straight and curled slightly under, flipped out, and straight—and she was impressed with the results! Her finished styles looked perfectly polished for hours. 


Innovative Technology


The innovative technology in our Rotating Iron is what really makes it (and your hair!) shine. It's made up of a polished titanium heating cylinder connected to two sets of nylon bristles. The bristles separate individual strands of hair as you style, which keeps hair from clumping and makes sure styling is even. The second set of bristles adds volume and reduces frizz, so your style stays fresh and polished all day!

These innovations may be intimidating for those of you used to regular irons—author Kendra Aarhus was intimidated too, but once she followed demonstrations for our website for directions on how to use the tool in different applications, it worked like a charm. Check out our "How to Use" section on our Rotating Iron's page for some helpful tutorials. Just like Aarhus, you'll get the hang of it in no time!


Perfect for your busy lifestyle 


At the end of Aarhus's review, she concluded, "Effective: yes. Speedy: not really." Since our products are meant for your busy lifestyle, we take this shortcoming very seriously. 

However, Aarhus only tested the product three times, and she was still getting the hang of it by the end of her review. Even with her little experience, she found styling took as long as long as it did with any other flat or curling iron—not bad! With more practice, we're sure she (and you) would be able to cut down on time. 


A Must-Have Product


At only $69.99, our Rotating Iron is definitely a worthwhile buy. It has two heat settings up to 410°F, a professional swivel cord, automatic shut off, and an included thermal guard, not to mention it acts as multiple styling tools at once—with our Rotating Iron, you can say goodbye to the dozens of irons cluttering your bathroom counter! For transformative results, shop our Rotating Iron down below. 

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  • Do you still sell the InStyler Rotating Iron Brush. I can’t find it anywhere. The imitations currently on the market are subpar.

    Debra Simmonds on

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