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I’m Morgan England and I am the creator of Style On Edge: Fashion & Beauty Blog. I am a blogger, social media enthusiast, nutritionist, a writer, and a lover of all things fashion & beauty. Style On Edge was created for women who have a strong desire to be bold and creative with their fashion & beauty, and to help them to gain the tools that they need to create their own stand out style. Style On Edge is more than a blog, it is a way to encourage women to be more creative and bold with their own fashion & beauty looks.

Go To hair look

My go-to hair look is definitely curling my hair for big loose waves.


If you weren’t an influencer, you’d be:

Well my other life passion is dietetics so if I was not chasing my dream of becoming a fashion and beauty influencer/blogger then I definitely would work as a full time clinical dietitian. I love having the best of both worlds though!

Favorite perk of the job:

I would say that my favorite perk of the job is having the freedom to be creative and create my own business in fashion and beauty. I want to be a genuine role model for young women and I hope to achieve that through my career.

Your hair spirit animal is:

Definitely a lion, I mean that mane is out of this world.

Superpower you’d want to have:

I would love to read people’s minds for a day. I might learn more about people than I even wanted to know, but I think the way others think and feel is interesting!

Favorite comfort food:

I am going to sound so weird, but actually it is chicken and dressing. My grandmother would make it on Sundays for the family so whenever I eat it I think about those moments and not to mention it tastes amazing!

Last thing you binge watched:

The last thing I binge watched was the show Homeland, it is very addicting! I do not suggest watching it unless you have a full week of your life to spare lol

Song you can’t get out of your head:

I am a huge fan of The Chainsmokers and their song “Something Just Like This” is constantly going off in my head!

Worst hair cut ever:

When I was in the fifth grade I decided to chop my hair off at my chin, it went great with the braces and glasses I was wearing at the time haha not!

3 things you never leave home without:

Cell phone definitely, debit card and some kind of lipstick!

Dream vacation destination:

I have always wanted to visit the Maldives. It looks like a phenomenal getaway!

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