All Hair is Magic! 🧚

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At InStyler, we believe that all hair is magic! 🧚 We've bundled some of our favorite InStyler tools to help each zodiac family create the hairstyles that captures their auras. 🌟Each hairstyle was created for a different zodiac element - keep reading to find your zodiac fairy!
For our earth signs, we’ve put together a bundle that speaks to your composed nature! You are grounded, patient and dependable so a sleek, straight style would be best as your trusted go-to. STRAIGHT UP MAX allows you to easily straighten 4-5 times more hair in a single pass in an action as natural as brushing your hair. Our SMOOTHING Paddle Brush and GLOSS Hair Oil are there to keep your hair as shiny and frizz-free as it can be. These products make your styling easier and faster so you have more time to be the down-to-earth goddess that you are! 
Earth Fairy holding STRAIGHT UP MAX and GLOSS Hair Oil
For our air signs, we’ve whipped up a bundle that speaks to your adventurous nature! You are intelligent, witty, & free-spirited so an airy blowout would last wherever the wind takes you! FREESTYLE  is a heated round brush that  allows you to instantly pump up the volume and shape magical waves. Our MINI Dryer is tiny, but mighty - you can trust that it’s as powerful as a full size dryer. The THERMAL 2” Round Brush helps add volume, shine and body to your blowout without much effort. Take these products with you on your journeys and you’ll be gone with the wind! 
Air Sign Fairy holding FREESTYLE
For our water signs, we’ve poured our hearts into making the perfect bundle for your go-with-the-flow vibe! You are loyal, compassionate & imaginative - effortless beachy waves give you more time to chase your dreams! MAX PRIME WET TO DRY is a rotating iron that is great for styling damp or dry hair in half the time. Our PROTECT Heat Protectant uses Baobab to create the ultimate anti-aging shield for your hair while locking in the shine. The DETANGLING Comb helps prepare wet or dry hair for styling by detangling even the toughest knots or tangles. These products are sure to help you ride any waves that come your way! 
Water Sign Fairy holding MAX PRIME WET TO DRY
For our fire signs, we’ve heated things up by creating the hottest bundle to match your fiery personality! Because you are passionate, energetic & bold - big, voluminous curls will make you stand out in any setting you’re in. CERASILK Curling Iron not only gets you the perfect S-shape curls, but also protects from 92% of heat damage. HOLD Hairspray locks in your curls, without weighing your hair down. Our Heat Resistant Travel Bag stores your hair tools safely when you are on the go. These products will have you turning heads and coming in hot! 
Fire Sign Fairy holding HOLD Hair Spray and CERASILK Curling Wand
Whatever your sign is, you deserve the magical hair of your dreams! Spread your #InStyler wings and remember that all hair is magic.
Four Fairies holding hair tools

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