Keep Your Hair Safe This Summer

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Hi Gorgeous. Is summer treating you (and your hair) right? Don’t get us wrong, we love summer as much as any fun and social person. But, we must work together and protect our beautiful hair from any damage! Let’s talk about ways you can keep your hair beautiful and healthy while enjoying your summer.

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HYDRATE. We can't stress this enough. Not only is staying hydrated the holy grail of healthy hair, but it also makes you glow from the inside out! You may be doing everything right for your hair., but skipping hydration can hamper the results. Drink lots of water and cooling fluids in summer to provide hydration to your hair strands. This is a tip that you just can't ignore!

A close second must do..deep conditioning! Conditioning helps add a layer of protection to your hair cuticle. During summer especially, you might want to consider deep conditioning treatments for extra moisture. Deep hair conditioning can help prevent damage to the hair through moisture, texture, and penetration of the hair shaft. It helps prevent breakages and split ends! Seems like a win-win to us!

Get that trim you have been putting off for months. Trimming your hair actually encourages hair growth! It may sound counter-intuitive, but the appearance of broken and split ends not only damages the look and feel of your hair, but it also contributes to the appearance of shorter hair and thinner ends. Freshly cut ends also help to de-tangle your hair! If you are concerned about losing the length of your hair, don’t worry, our hair grows faster in summer!

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Using a technique called an oil massage will also help keep your hair hydrated during those dry and hot months this summer. Using a good oil can increase blood circulation in the scalp and moisturize your hair. Using InStyler’s GLOSS ROSE MEADOW HAIR OIL will ensure moisture is locked in for the day and hydrated throughout daily errands, work, or even an outing with friends. With the fresh smell of rose meadow oil not only will you feel and look good, but you will smell good too! 

Let’s work on keeping our hair healthy all summer long!

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