January 20 - February 18

Ch-ch-ch-changes! You’re going through an evolution but in the best way possible. Consider this a rare opportunity for self-improvement that you’re actually in full control of! This new level of awareness will also make you question why you’re doing something rather than just doing them. Feel overwhelmed? Don’t – it’ll even out and you’ll thank yourself later. Trust us.

MANE ATTRACTION: Spring is the best time to embrace some silk or fringey scarves in to your style! Start with an undone low bun and tie a scarf over your head and secure at the nape of the neck. Lightly tug at hair around the scarf to give is an unpolished look. Bonus points if the scarf has a dreamy boho pattern!



February 19 - March 20

First and foremost – let’s acknowledge and celebrate all of your recent successes - kudos and clap emojis to you! Working hard, as always, has definitely reaped its rewards, hasn’t it? Don’t forget the responsibilities that come with success – heavy is the head that wears the crown. Dig your heels in, do your very best work and you’ll continue to own that boardroom!

MANE ATTRACTION: With all eyes on you these days, let’s try some big texture waves! Spray some texturizing spray through your hair and section hair into four pieces. Starting with one-inch sections, take your 1 ¼” barrel Rotating Iron and wrap the hair around the barrel, leaving the ends loose. Close the unit and make sure the barrel is rotating in the direction away from your face. Repeat all over the head and spray with a bit more texture spray. Lightly brush your fingers through the waves to separate and voila – runway ready!



March 21 - April 19

Someone incredibly smart once said that the only constant in life is change and unfortunately, that idea extends to relationships and the people in them. The good news is that change can be very good! As long as those involved embrace the change and learn to evolve with one another, the future should be smooth sailing. Be flexible and remember how much you value that person but also ready yourself to let go if needed. Regardless, be confident and keep in mind just how important your happiness is. 

MANE ATTRACTION: Ever the creature of habit, Aries, how about switching it up a bit for a sleek, straight look? Start with clean, wet hair and rough dry using an ionic dryer to maximize shine. Using a round brush, section hair and blow dry hair straight with the nozzle facing down. Once dry, use a ceramic hot brush to straighten hair, rounding out the ends in an exaggerated ‘C’ motion. Spritz some shine spray throughout hair and you’re ready to conquer the world.



April 20 - May 20

Happy birthday season, Taurus! This month, we’re sensing your need for a little bit of R&R – or is it more time with the girls? Or is it some alone time in the gym? Or is it some one-on-one time with your SO? We can’t quite put our fingers on it and we have a feeling you can’t either but we DO know that you need something to help pull you out of your rut – you know what we’re talking about. Give yourself what you need and prioritize this solution - you’ll thank us later!

MANE ATTRACTION: Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid or at least look like one? The trick is using a medium barrel curling iron in varying directions and angles. Section off hair in four pieces and wrap around the barrel, alternating directions curling away and towards the face and in 1” and 2” sections of hair. This will give a varied appearance to the hair – you know, just like the mermaids do it! Don’t forget the texture spray and feel free to play with your part to give is a bit of an undone look. Spray with a light hold spray and you’re ready for all of your sea adventures!



May 21 - June 20

Feel like you’re caught in the middle of something? You think you should take a side but the truth is that it’s rarely ever that simple. Major key alert – life is never black and white. Both sides make valid arguments; try helping them to create a way of working together that serves collective goals – regardless of who’s right. Keep the focus on the long-term prize – you’re such a diplomat, Gem!

MANE ATTRACTION: The queen of elegance and polished refinement, let’s keep it simple with a low pony that was made for office-to-happy hour. Part hair down the middle and section the front pieces of your hair in front of the ear and brush the rest back into a low-slung pony. Tease the front pieces to add some shape and volume. Pin back behind the ears and if your strands are long enough, use the pieces to wrap around the elastic. So chic!



June 21 - July 22

Remember when we told you your hard work was going to pay off? It’s just around the corner; all you have to do now is to manage and maintain your current responsibilities to seal the deal. Your big idea is about to have an even bigger audience and with all of your ducks in a row, you’ll be prepped and primed to bring that to actualization. We’re so excited for you, Cancer!

MANE ATTRACTION: Make heads turn and unleash those natural waves and curls, they are so pretty! Apply some curl-defining serum all through hair using a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute. Add a spritz of shine spray to give some dimension; perfection!



July 23 - August 22

Holding something up that sleeve of yours, Leo? There’s a fine line between oversharing and being forthcoming – find that happy medium. You don’t have to tell them everything but it seems as though it’s getting to a point where you’re starting to feel dishonest. Slowly release the valve and let the information flow out as you feel comfortable; the results will make you feel liberated and at ease.

MANE ATTRACTION: Add a touch of boho glam to your look this Spring. Straighten the ends of hair and spray with a texturizing spray all over the head. Gather a 1 – 2” section of hair just above the ear and braid, tugging at the hair to give it a thicker appearance. Sweep hair into a pony, leaving the braid out until the end of the tie an elastic around the pony. Lightly tug at the hair around your ears and hairline for an undone look and spray with a light hold spray. Festival-ready in a snap!



January 20 - February 18

Your sense for good investments is strong and you can feel a good deal from a mile away! Listen to your gut but continue to be pragmatic. Make sure everyone involved signs on that dotted line and all responsibilities are spelled out. Prepare to count your stacks!

MANE ATTRACTION: Rock some blown-out, big body volume for an effortless but glam look. Blow out hair using a boar bristle round brush, concentrating the airflow on the roots in an upwards motion. Use your Rotating Iron in sections to refine, using sweeping ‘C’ motions to leave hair with big volume, not defined curls. Spritz a texture spray for added volume and voila – you look like you just stepped out of the salon!



September 23 - October 22

If there was such thing as a figurative Facebook status, yours would say, ‘Under Construction.’ Because you’re undergoing a bit of an evolution, it would be smart to take things one at a time and live your life in the moment for the time being. Think carefully before each move these next few weeks, you’ll bounce back in no time!

MANE ATTRACTION: Because you always look good in a top knot, let’s add a bit of unexpected detail in the back with an upside-down braid – don’t be intimidated, it’s easy peasy, we promise! Start by flipping your head over and take a small section of hair at the nape of the neck to divide in three pieces. Use thick pieces of hair to make a statement! Continue braiding until you’ve reached the crown and gather the rest of your hair into a pony, now sitting upright. Fold into a bun and secure with bobbies.



October 23 - November 21

Your finances are finally starting to come together and your confidence is growing – as it should, you’ve worked so hard! Buy yourself a little somethin’ nice but it’s important not to overspend and maintain responsible spending. Scorp, you always figure it out and this time is no exception!

MANE ATTRACTION: A low-slung pony with a sleek, deep side part is so stunning on you. Brush hair back after running a styling iron through strands to make them straight. Using the pick-end of your comb, create the side part all the way to the back of the crown. Part hair and sweep back into a low pony. Tres chic, no?



November 22 - December 21

Elsa said it best when she told us all to just let it go. You’re feeling a little sensitive this month to the comments of others; there’s NOTHING you can do to control them – let their comments roll off your back and move on. You’re way too fly to be worrying about them, Sag!

MANE ATTRACTION: Beach season is just around the corner but beach waves are cool year-round, aren’t they? Section hair into quarters and using a 1” barrel curling iron, wrap hair around the barrel, leaving about 2 inches out straight and curling hair away from the face. Use a styling iron to straighten the ends, using light tapping motions for a more natural look. Spritz with a texture spray, fluff and go!



December 22 - January 19

Feel a bit of distance between you and bae lately? Your idea of #relationshipgoals is shifting and you’re starting to second guess how well you and your SO are together. You’re maturing and growing and if they’re as amazing as you think they are, they will support this change. If not, ask yourself how, and if, they will continue to support you as your life continues to evolve. Life is cyclical; it’s up to you to determine who you take with you to the next phase!

MANE ATTRACTION: A soft and romantic look is always the right choice. Go for a half-up ‘do with a twist – literally. Grab 1” – 2” sections of hair at the sides and twist as you bring them down and behind the head. Cross them over one another and pin in the middle for an undone bowtie look. Pin at the sides after tugging a few face-framing layers out. The result is oh-so-fair Juliet.