Say Goodbye to Traditional Hair Curlers and Welcome a New Way to Get Your Desired Look

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Curling wands and curlers with a clamp have been a true lifesaver for us over the years as we create different looks - whether it’s tight curls, beach waves, or flips at the ends of our hair. However, sometimes we don’t always the time or patience to take our time through each step of using a curling wand which includes sectioning hair, taking small pieces, wrapping each section around the wand, and potentially straightening the hair first if you have frizzy or hair that isn’t naturally smooth.


You’ve probably heard that InStyler tools cut your styling time significantly, and it’s the truth! Our rapidly advanced technology in tools such as AIRLESS Blowout Revolving Styler replaces the need for hair curlers by offering users the exact look that a traditional curling iron can produce with even more benefits - it can be done in a fraction of the time, it creates long-lasting style, and it results in healthier looking hair.

Read below to learn more about why you should upgrade your tool from a traditional curling iron to one of our rotating irons. 




Using a traditional curling iron can take over an hour depending on your hair type. When you invest the time and the look isn’t what you desire, it can be frustrating especially if you’re not happy with the final look or, for finer-hair individuals, the familiar issue of your style quickly falling flat. This is why InStyler created the AIRLESS Revolving Blowout Revolving Styler.


The AIRLESS Blowout Revolving Styler is an award-winning hairstyling tool that has replaced traditional hair curlers for thousands of women. There are a few reasons that make AIRLESS superior:

  1. AIRLESS has the styling power of a round brush and hairdryer to create your desired look while giving a shiny, smooth texture with an abundance of movement and volume. 
  2. The heated revolving barrel spins at over 150 revolutions per minute with the power to completely straighten hair, remove frizz, add body and shine, or add curls. In other words, this is the ultimate hair styling tool capable of giving women multiple looks. 
  3. The ionic and boar bristle blend shine and polish each hair strand as it passes through.
  4. The high-quality tourmaline ceramic barrel ensure even heat distribution and a consistent style as you move throughout your hair.

Swap out your curling iron and pick up an AIRLESS to get even more out of your hair styling tool!

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