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When our hair receives too much exposure to heat, chlorine, direct sunlight and ocean water, you can experience some pretty severe damage. Although poolside chillin’ is #goals, the longer you spend outside in the sun the more chances you have of sun damage.

There are a number of products for sun damaged hair, but when women think of these hair styling tools don’t always come to mind. Instead, shampoos, serums, vitamins, and avocado-enriched scalp treatments come to mind. But if you are like most women and care about the way your hair looks and you strive for that salon look, you should learn how to buy hair styling tools that are best products for sun damaged hair, otherwise, you are simply adding excess damage to your locks with harsh tools. We’re here to help you make smart purchasing decisions when it comes to hair styling tools for sun damaged hair.

How to protect your hair from sun damage with the right tools

How do you prevent your hair from sun damage when you use styling tools on a daily basis? Look for hair tools that offer even heat distribution, have heat control settings, and that help prevent moisture loss. If you have sun damaged hair and you are looking for the best flat iron for natural hair or a hair straightening brush, ceramic tools are ideal because they typically include these features. A ceramic hair straightening brush like GLOSSIE Ceramic Straightening Brush adds volume and body while removing frizz--a common symptom of sun damaged hair. GLOSSIE is also made with ceramic plates allowing for even heat distribution and faster drying times without putting your sun-damaged hair at further risk for additional chaos.

How to add shine and remove frizz while being mindful of sun damage

You may have noticed your hair is always frizzy after a rough night of sleep, but did you know frizz can also be a result of sun-damaged hair? If you want to add shine and remove frizz while still having a beautiful blowout style, AIRLESS Blowout Revolving Styler could be the most important hair tool in your bathroom cabinet. This one of the best products for sun damaged hair because the rotating barrel vents heat as it goes, creating significantly less damage - something that’s ideal for sun damaged hair.

Because sun damaged hair loses moisture and can get thin, it gets easily tangled. Make sure to brush your hair prior to using any InStyler hair tools, but you will love how AIRLESS supports detangling by polishing and smoothing each hair strand as it passes through the ionic + boar bristle blend. Just make sure to brush your hair before using the tool. The hair styling tool also adds curl, even to sun damaged hair. Simply take a 1-2’’ section of hair and wrap it around the revolving styler’s barrel with no loose strands dangling from that section. You will want to close the AIRLESS for three to five seconds based on the type of curl you want. Just note that the longer the hold, the more defined the curl will be.

How to limit future heat damage

If your hair is already sun damaged, try to be mindful of any additional damage that you can put on it. CERASILK STYLING IRON and CERASILK CURLING IRON include CeraSilk™ Woven Ceramic texture, which protects hair from 92% of damage! This is done by creating indirect heat pockets rather than exposing your hair between two hot plates. Additionally, make sure to stock up on a great primer, such as PRIME that protects hair from heat damage when styling.

Find the right tools + products for your sun damaged hair

Based on the hairstyle you are shooting for, your hair type, and the preventative measures you seek associated with sun damaged hair, there are a number of hair styling tools that can be miracle workers, and even singular tools that perform multiple functions for hair with sun damage. Need help finding the right hair tool for the job? Take our hair quiz to learn more! 

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