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There are so many buzz words when it comes to blow dryers – but if you’re like most of us, nobody’s ever explained the function of a truly great blow dryer. The purpose of a blowdryer is so much more than just drying hair – it's finding a tool that can effectively, efficiently style hair without creating a ton of heat damage or adding 45 minutes onto your hair styling routine.  


The most important thing to know? Not all hair dryers are created equal. Don’t worry though – we got your back to help you learn what you should be looking for in an ionic hair dryer.



“Ion” is everyone’s favorite word to use right now. What does an ion really do? Well, chemistry is back to haunt you. An ion is a negatively charged component that helps to break down the positively charged water molecules in your hair into smaller molecules. The benefit? Using an ionic hair dryer means an overall more efficient and healthier dryer experience. This is because the water molecules have been broken down into smaller molecules, which can be dried faster and with less heat. TURBO harnesses the power of these ions to create the EASIEST blow drying experience - the ability to dry your hair in half the time of a typical dryer.



MINI delivers the power of our full-size ionic dryer, TURBO, at a fraction of the size. The tool ’s high compression turbine fan generates a ton of power in the palm of your hand. It also has a tourmaline ceramic screen that evenly distributes a steady temperature of air while protecting the skin from burns, and safeguarding the hair from frizzing. Because of its power, size, and weight, it’s the PERFECT tool to throw in your desk drawer with your hidden 2 pm candy stash, or in your gym bag, purse, or overnight bag.



  • WEIGHING IN: Is there anything worse than having a sore wrist from a heavy styling tool? Having a lightweight tool is so key in today’s styling routine. It’s usually really difficult to find a tool that can be light AND powerful – which is why we are so proud of MINI at InStyler.
  • BRING THE HEAT: having multiple heat settings is crucial since it allows you to customize the heat setting based on your hair type. Use the high heat setting until your hair is 75-80% dry, and the low heat setting when your hair is almost fully dried.



  • DUAL VOLTAGE: once you’ve finally saved up for that dream vacay, having your hair tools ready to go is one more thing you can check off the list.
  • COOL SHOT: being able to lock in your style with a “cool shot" will add extra hold – giving you an even longer lasting style.
  • CORD LENGTH: try to find a chord that is at least over 7” so that you have freedom to move around as needed when styling.

Being able to find a tool with ALL of these things? Shooketh. MINI and TURBO are style staples, packed with benefits to make your styling experience easier. We love these dryers so much that you can purchase MINI and TURBO by themselves, or together, or as a fabulous gift set. 

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