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We know how much you love our influencers, so we decided to sit down with one to give you the inside scoop. The lovely @jovialjackie has been a hair influencer for two years and one of our own InStyler Influencers for one year. We interviewed her to ask her for all the hairy details about being an influencer and doing hair.

At what age did you start doing your hair and why did you start? My earliest memory of starting to do my own hair was as a Freshman in Highschool. That's when I really started to care about my hair and how I looked. I would sit at my vanity mirror with my Cosmopolitan magazine in front of me while I blew my hair dry.

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What does doing your hair mean to you? When I have spent time doing my hair, it becomes part of my identity. It makes me feel confident and beautiful, not just on the outside, but also on the inside.

You’ve made quite the impact on Tiktok, what does that mean to you? It is truly surreal. I never expected to have this kind of impact. I really love the impact that I have by giving other people the confidence to do their own hair.

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How did you get started on Tiktok? I was very fortunate after the COVID-19 pandemic began that my boys were pretty self-sufficient with their school work at home, so I started watching TikToks. After watching for a while, I finally got up the courage to create my own videos. One night while getting ready to go out with my husband, I posted a quick video of me doing my hair. When we left for dinner it had about 10,000 views, but by the time we got home from dinner, it was over 500,000 views. That's when I found my niche!!
@jovialjackie #revlonhairdryerbrush #amazon ♬ Good as Hell - Lizzo
There are tons of new hair products hitting the market every day, what are the most important things you look for in products? I love trying every single product I can get my hands on. I usually just tell my husband that they're a tax write-off! What are the most important things you look for in hair tools? My hair is very dry, so I like trying tools that have the least chance of drying my hair out more. I also look for fun and interesting new ways to curl my hair.
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What has been your favorite hair trend from the past year? My favorite hair trend has been curtain bangs because they can look good on anyone and you can style them to bring out your best facial features.
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And finally what is your favorite InStyler tool and why? The InStyler FREESTYLE because it's a very versatile tool. You can either make your hair smooth or curly. It gives amazing volume to any hair type!
@jovialjackie Reply to @zoedimitriou69 #FREESTYLE @instylerhair #hairtutorails #funhair ♬ Stayin' Alive - From "Saturday Night Fever" Soundtrack - Bee Gees

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