Leave the Damage in 2021

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As you know we are leaving ALL the damage in 2021! Need some help figuring out how to do that? Here are 5 ways to prevent heat damage when dealing with your hair.
  1. Always always always, use a heat protectant before styling your hair. Heat protectant creates a shield around each hair strand so that you can style without damaging it. Our newly launched PROTECT Heat Foam Protectant uses Baobab fruit extract to create an anti-aging shield around each hair strand - and it also smells amazing!
2. Healthy hair is all about the hot tools you use and how you use them. For frizz-free styled hair, make sure your hot tools have ions. Ions help break down water particles to dry hair faster. Our fan favorite TURBO MAX Dryer is proven to dry hair 35% faster because of the incredible ion delivery. 
3. When you need to fresh 2nd-day hair, try using less damaging tools. Our CERASILK Curling Iron and Styling Iron can prevent up to 92% of heat damage thanks to the patented technology that creates indirect heat pockets. If you need some more choices, take a look at our healthier styling collection for our healthiest tools!
4. Another easy way to prevent damage is making sure you select the correct temperature for your hair. Make sure you are selecting lower heat temperatures for thin-fine hair, and generally thicker or more coarse hair can handle higher heat. Our STRAIGHT UP MAX has seven heat settings to choose from, and is also great for preventing damage because your hair passes through cool-touch bristles instead of crushing it between two hot plates. 
5. Go ahead and treat yourself! Book a trip to the salon every 3 months for a trim and a good deep condition. If you can’t make it to the salon, make sure to invest in a high quality hair mask that focuses on hydration or damage recovery. 
Right now, if you purchase anything from our Healthy Hair collection you get a free GLOSS Hair oil! Get it until 2.1! 

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