Ready for Summer? How to Protect Your Hair from Sun Damage

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Summer is here, and now is the time to get tips on how to keep your hair healthy and looking its best. Unfortunately, people don't stop to think about sun damage and what it does to their hair. There are even some people who have sun damaged hair and though they notice a difference in their hair’s quality, they don't understand that it’s due to damage from the sun’s exposure. It’s time to start thinking about how the sun affects your hair, and what you can do to prevent sun damaged hair using the right tools and products. This means you also need to learn how to protect the scalp, as it has a relationship with your hair’s health. We're here to teach you how to protect your hair from heat, the sun, and humidity!



Sun damage occurs when the hair experiences prolonged exposure to the sun; UVB and UVA rays can corrupt the outer cover of the hair strands known as the cuticle. Signs of sun damaged hair include brittle and dry strands, discoloration, frizz, hair thinning and split or broken ends. Sun-damaged hair also has a dry look and feel that’s anything but healthy. In addition, other factors related to prolonged exposure to the sun can damage your hair. Laying out by the pool regularly increases the risk for sun damage but the chlorine in the pool can cause further hair damage.



One way to help protect your hair from sun damage is to create a plan that calls for a protective barrier. After a swim in the ocean or pool, comb through a nourishing protective oil. Then, roll it up into a bun to create a wall from the sun while locking in moisture so your hair can stay hydrated and safeguarded for the rest of your pool time!



Not all hair styling tools are made equally. The difference between a low-quality flat iron or hair straightening brush and high-quality ones is night and day, especially for those with sun damaged hair, or for those who are actively trying to prevent it. InStyler is proud to offer hair styling tools like the AIRLESS Blowout Revolving Styler. This tool uses a patented rotating iron that utilizes kinetic energy and two-way rotation with a 1’’ barrel to create any style ranging from a blowout to glam curls, and from a straight look to beach waves. The tourmaline ceramic plates help evenly distribute heat to prevent heat damage while helping to restore health to sun damaged hair. AIRLESS also has multiple heat settings that help users prevent further chaos to their sun damaged hair. Protecting your hair from sun damage comes down to the hairstyling tools you use, the products you put in your hair, and the amount of time you leave your hair and scalp exposed to the sun’s rays.

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