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Our new accessories just dropped, and they are the perfect additions to your styling kit. You can shop the entire collection here, but keep reading below to learn more about the line. 

  • Detangling Comb: This tool is perfect to use in the mornings to get out any tangles. You can also use it while your hair is wet to either distribute product such as  conditioner, or after you get out of the shower to get out any remaining tangles. A must-have essential for anyone!

  • Pin Tail Comb: The pin tail comb is a great precision comb for anyone who is doing detailed styling work. Use the pin tail end to part your hair perfectly, and use the teeth side to smooth down flyaways for your slicked back bun. 
  • Smoothing Paddle Brush: This brush uses a mixture of nylon and ionic bristles to smooth hair. We all know and love boar bristles for their ability to add shine, too! The nylon bristles are anti-static to prevent your hair from getting flyaways. This brush is perfect for finishing off a hairstyle, or brushing out curls to create a more effortless look. 
  • Vented Paddle Brush: A must-have for anyone who blow dries their hair! Withvents to safely whisk out water, this also helps your hair dry faster. The anti-static nylon bristles are also heat-resistant up to 356ºF! 
  • Thermal Round Brush: This versatile round brush is great for our blowout pros who want to blowout their hair and use the brush to add flips, body, or shape hair. The anti-slip handle makes styling easier especially if you have product residue on your hands!
  • Twister Round Brush: The secret magic in this brush is the concave center, which helps hold your hair in place as you are styling.  It also gives your blowout tighter curls, and is perfect for anyone who wants more shape in their curls and waves.

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect brush for your styling, let’s dress it up with some accessories! 

  • Hair Barrettes: We love that hair barrettes are here to stay. These interesting plays on a classic tortoise shell pattern will turn your look up a notch. Simply clip into place into your half pony, or pin back the front sections for a 90s vibe!

  • Silk Scrunchies: An InStyler team favorite! These beautiful, vibrant emerald colors are the perfect way to spruce up a simple ponytail, or let’s be honest, be worn as the cutest arm accessory.
  • Scarf Scrunchies: When the weather is gloomy and you’re dreaming of sunshine, add a scarf scrunchie to your low bun for some tropical feelings that will whisk you away to vacation. 
  • Heat Resistant Travel Bag: Protect your countertops, everyone! Roll this out for a heat resistant mat when using your hot tool, and when you’re done styling zip it up for a functional, cute carrier. Perfect for travel or the gym locker room! 

We hope you love the collection - shop our new accessories here!

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