The Ultimate Guide to Managing and Styling Thick, Frizzy Hair

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Having thick, luscious hair is #goalsaf. But sometimes this comes with managing frizz and damage. With the right hair care regimen, products, and tools, you can have it all: thick, voluminous hair without the damage + dryness. Here’s a complete guide on how to style frizzy hair.

Thick hair is often seen as the ideal hair type for women, giving you a beautiful full look. But the reality is that many women who have thick hair also have to manage frizz, and also battle hair looking dull and dry.

If you’re struggling with the upkeep of frizzy hair, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to everything you need to know – from products and tools to lifestyle and hair care habits.

First, let’s talk about what makes hair frizzy and how you can avoid it.

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

Frizz happens due to a lack of moisture, which causes your hair to seek hydration from the air around it. This is why humidity is bad for frizzy hair.

Aside from the weather, plenty of factors can make your hair dry. Below are some of the common causes:

  • Genetics: Your hair type is determined by your hair follicle’s shape, which is based on your genetics. If you have flat hair follicles, your hair grows curly or wavy, more prone to frizz than straight locks. There’s not much you can do to change your hair type. But you can have healthy-looking curls without the frizz.
  • Damage: Overstyling, product overuse, and other bad habits cause hair damage. Heat-styling tools and some products strip your scalp and tresses of their natural oils, resulting in dryness and frizz.

You already know that dry, damaged hair is the culprit behind frizz. So, how do you fight it?

The secret to preventing frizzy hair is to keep it hydrated. You can achieve luscious, shiny hair by choosing the right products and committing to proper hair care habits.

The first step is to choose the right products for your hair type.


Hair products are created for different hair types. For thick hair, you want products that will hydrate your hair to keep the frizz at bay.

Here are some products to add to your arsenal.

Dry Shampoo

Over-washing your hair is something you should avoid if you have frizzy hair. Aim to wash your hair twice a week, and on days when you skip your shower, spritz some dry shampoo onto your scalp and the tips of your hair. This will instantly give your hair volume while soaking up the excess oil, keeping your hair fresh and clean-looking.

Hair Oils

Hair oils are the best friend of thick-haired ladies. If your hair suffers from dryness, hair oils are the perfect product that will moisturize and nourish your hair from roots to tips.

There are various hair oils to choose from, each targeting a different problem. Below are some of the best oils for dry, frizzy hair.

  • Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is incredibly hydrating. It’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E that add shine to hair. Coconut oil is best used as a hair mask. Warm the oil between your hands first, then coat your hair from roots to tips. Leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing, then shampoo and condition as you usually would.
  • Olive Oil: Olive oil also contains high amounts of fatty acids and Vitamin E, just like coconut oil. It has softening emollients that keep your locks ultra-soft. Although most of the evidence is anecdotal, research suggests that olive oil effectively moisturizes hair. Massage olive oil onto your tresses as you would with coconut oil. Use a wide-toothed comb to comb the oil through before rinsing.
  • Argan Oil: Also known as Moroccan oil, argan oil is packed with antioxidants, fatty acids, and Vitamin E. A few drops of this wonder oil can give your locks that extra moisture boost to help fight frizz. Argan oil is less greasy than coconut and olive oil, so you can use it every day as finishing oil.


Conditioner is a must-have in every girl’s hair care regimen, regardless of your hair type. Rinse-out conditioner is the most common type, which is typically massaged onto the hair after shampooing. Shampoo can make your hair dry, so the conditioner rehydrates and protects the strands to tame frizz.

Choose a conditioner that’s formulated especially for dry, frizzy hair.

Hair Mask

Compared to conditioners, hair masks require a lengthier leave-in period, varying from a 15-minute to an overnight soak. Apart from conditioning your locks, hair masks deeply hydrate each strand. They’re formulated for different hair types, infused with all the good stuff that makes your tresses look bouncy, shiny, and healthy.

Use a hair mask once or twice a week, depending on what your hair needs.

Now that you know which products to use to keep your hair hydrated, let’s move on to hair styling tools.

Styling Tools

Ever wonder why your hair always looks so much smoother when you leave the salon than when you’re styling it yourself with tools that might not be as high of quality? That’s because your hairstylist uses high-quality tools that maintain your hair’s moisture even while styling.

If you want salon-style hair from home, you should also invest in high-quality styling tools that won’t damage your hair. Here are a couple of styling tools every thick-haired working girl needs.

Ionic Hair Dryer

Ions are the biggest buzzword that you’ll hear when talking about haircare or beauty in general. But what is an ionic hair dryer exactly? Ionic hair dryers produce negatively charged ions, which break down the positively charged water molecules. When you use it on wet hair, the water droplets evaporate much faster, speeding up your dry time.

This means that you spend less time drying your hair, exposing your mane to less heat. This wet-to-dry hair styler is a must-have for women with damage-prone hair.

InStyler carries the TURBO ionic dryer. This powerful tool dries hair up to 2x faster without causing heat damage.

Cerasilk™ Styling Iron

The Cerasilk™ Styling Iron lets you style your hair without heat damage. The breakthrough Cerasilk™  technology is damage-free with 92% less heat damage than a typical flat iron. Finally, you can style your hair without worrying about damaging your hair.

This sleek, versatile tool is easy to use as well, perfect for all hair types. Whether you want super sleek, straight hair or beautiful beach waves, you can achieve any look with the Cerasilk Styling Iron.  

Healthy hair doesn’t happen overnight. Invest in high-quality tools and products that will keep your hair looking healthy and luscious.


Let’s be real – we don’t have time every single day to do our hair. Investing in some accessories can give you more freedom to look fab with zero effort. Plus, accessories give your hair a day off from heat, which can help with strengthening your tresses. Hair clips and headbands are quick ways to style your hair fast without damaging it.

Below are some hair accessories every thick-haired girl needs.


No matter how you use them, barrettes will keep your hair looking fab and meeting-ready. Part your hair down the middle and pin both sides back with embellished hair pins for off-duty model vibes.

Cute hair ties are a must for every thick-haired gal. You can add variety to your hairstyles by tying it back into a high pony, or creating a cute half pony.

For a more playful look, braid your hair into pigtails using colorful hair ties.

Hair Care Habits

The final step in managing frizz is committing to healthy hair habits. Read our easy recommendations below!

Avoid Using Cotton Towels

Drying your hair using cotton towels causes too much friction on your strands, making them prone to frizz and breakage. Use a microfiber towel instead or air dry your hair.

Cotton pillowcases are another thing you want to avoid if you have thick hair. Swap them out for silk or satin ones to protect your locks while you sleep.

Pick the Right Comb

Certain combs and brushes are made for certain types of hair, just like shampoos and conditioners. For curly hair, it’s best to use a wide-toothed comb or a detangler brush.

Experts also say that thick hair is better combed while wet, preventing breakage and hair fall. Use a sculpting hairbrush with sparse, soft bristles. This brush is designed for styling wet hair, perfect for when you’re in a hurry.

Food Impacts Hair Health

The appearance of your hair largely depends on your overall health. When you eat vitamin and nutrient-rich food, your hair will look shinier, bouncier, and healthier.

D, E, and B vitamins are essential for promoting healthy hair. They strengthen the strands, add shine, and minimize breakage. Fatty fish, eggs, avocados, and leafy greens are the best food for hair growth and hair health.

Proper Frizzy Hair Care

Ultimately, the key to fighting frizz is to keep your hair healthy. It means taking care of your hair inside & out. Use this article to inspire you to find the best ingredients for your hair type. See what works for you, and build a hair care routine that will give your hair the pampering it needs, and keep it healthy and frizz-free!

If you’d like to learn more about proper hair care and styling tips, visit our tutorials page, and see how InStyler has the best tools for your best hair days.

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