2 Hair Styling Tools Every Woman Should Own for Maintaining a Salon Look 

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Shopping for the right hair styling tools can be overwhelming and frustrating. The first step is understanding the look and style you want to be able to create. Then you need to find an affordable solution that will meet all of your needs while still producing amazing results. To do this you must find a high quality hair styling tools manufacturer that uses innovation to achieve your desired look.

If you could only survive with two hair tools, which would you pick? We're here to help you answer that question by showing you the best hair styling tools for achieving a blowout look, maintaining straight, shiny hair with a silky finish, and creating flawless curls and waves.




Buying a high-quality travel hairdryer is important because when you find a good one, it can double as a home dryer or one for on-the-go. A well-made travel hair dryer will dry hair quickly without removing all the hair's natural moisture, and help create your desired hairstyle. An example is the MINI, a small but powerful hair styling tool with aerospace technology which harnesses the power of a full-size dryer in a compact, lightweight, design. When it comes to top hair styling tools, the MINI travel hairdryer is unparalleled - finding this much power and advanced technology in a small design at an affordable price point is rare. MINI is dual-voltage, ideal for traveling abroad, and a compact design that makes it ideal for carrying in a suitcase, in a gym bag, or to keep in your desk at work. MINI gets its power from a high compression turbine fan thus offering users fast drying times. It also has a tourmaline ceramic grill to evenly distribute heat and help protect hair from heat damage. This also makes it a great hair styling tool for people with sun-damaged hair. 


2. THE VERSATILE AIRLESS Blowout Revolving Styler

As the original creators of the rotating irons, we know how to help you get salon-style hair from home. AIRLESS, our newest rotating iron, is a universal hair styling tool because it is also ideal for creating waves, curls and a sleek straight look. Our customers love the AIRLESS rotating iron because it's so easy to create different hairstyles. Additionally, its patented technology that uses a two-way rotation with kinetic energy easily creates desired hairstyles efficiently at the touch of a 1’’ barrel. Hello, salon-style hair! AIRLESS spins at over 150 revolutions per minute, and the heated barrel offers maximum straightening velocity is it glides down one’s hair with ease. In addition, the barrel’s rounded design and tourmaline ceramic heated plate prevents hair from getting crushed or creased, and the natural boar bristles mixed in with ionic bristles help to reduce frizz and adorn heads with shiny, beautiful hair. 

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