4 Things to Look for in a Ceramic Brush for Coarse, Thick Hair

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4 Things to Look for in a Ceramic Brush for Coarse, Thick Hair

Most women agree that the ceramic straightening brush is a must-have for coarse, thick hair for many reasons, but we can all unanimously agree on the best part: it allows you to combine two steps into one, styling and drying hair at the same time. A hot air brush is also an ideal hair styling tool for straightening hair, but as with all different hair types, there are certain things you should look for if you have coarse, thick hair. Here are the top four. 

  1. The Company Behind Your Hot Air Brush

Why is the The Honda Civic the best-selling car in America? Because it has a reputation for running well past 100,000 miles making it a high-quality car, while still being affordable and having all the most important features that buyers are looking for. When looking for a hot air brush, you should have the same buying mentality. Does the hair styling tool have a great reputation while still being affordable, innovative, and award-winning? InStyler is a brand you can count on -- GLOSSIE Ceramic Hot Air Brush is the fastest hair straightener for coarse, thick locks because you can straighten up to 4.5x hair in one pass. GLOSSIE won the NewBeauty award in 2018, for good reason, with it's ability to quickly transform thick coarse hair. 

  1. How the Hot Air Brush Design is a Custom Fit for Thick Hair

Design is everything, so when you invest in a hot air brush, make sure its engineering speaks directly to the needs of users with coarse, thick hair. GLOSSIE's Exclusive Precision Press™ Design presses one’s hair firmly in place against ceramic heated plates. This technology is exclusive to the GLOSSIE, and is ideal for women with thick, coarse hair because it adds the needed tension to create a flawless polished look with an alluring shine. 

  1. Find a Hot Air Brush with Ceramic Plates

Women with coarse hair tend to have less moisture in the follicles and as a result, the hair is more susceptible to heat damage. This is why a ceramic straightening brush is a must-have for women with thick, coarse hair. Ceramic plates help to distribute heat evenly and aids in reducing frizz while giving a faster drying time. Ceramic plates also lend to giving users hair with a soft, touchable texture while adding body and volume (for those going for such a look) or for creating flat, straight silky hair with no creasing. 

  1. How Speedy is the GLOSSIE Ceramic Straightening Brush?

Up to 4.5x more hair in one pass? Yes please. Aside from the design of GLOSSIE which simply just allows you to straighten more hair at once, the ceramic plates allow for faster styling, as the heat is distributed in a more timely manner. Additionally, GLOSSIE has instant heat recovery, which ensures that the tool stays at an even heat throughout your entire styling experience. 

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