Two Must-Have Hair Styling Tools to get Salon Blowout Style at Home

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When you're finally ready to upgrade your hair tools, there are usually three main criteria to assess: quality, ease of use, and affordability. But sometimes your goal might be to create salon-style hair from home - and that's where hair styling tools by InStyler come in! Not sure what to look for in high-quality hair tools? Read below to find out.


Whether your hair is straight, curly, ethnic, or wavy hot brushes have become exceedingly popular. This is because they are extremely effective and so easy to use. Check out our roundup below with our recommendations based on hair type.  



If you have fine-medium hair, getting your hair to hold a style can be difficult. FREESTYLE Ionic Ceramic Styler is an outstanding hot brush for these hair types, and is often described as the easiest way to achieve blowout volume with a shiny, smooth finish with the option to brush in waves, curls and volume. Check out this styling video to see how to add in loose waves.


The flat iron is a very necessary tool in the arsenal of hairstyling. However, one of the issues with the consistent use of flat irons are that they crush your hair between two hot plates and can be extremely damaging. We solved that problem for you with CERASILK STYLING IRON which protects hair from 92% of damage. Especially when it comes to your own hair, and not styling a wig, extensions, or a weave, you want to protect your hair as much as possible so it can grow healthy and long.



The CeraSilk™ woven ceramic-covered plates that function as a shield for heat protection to defend hair from heat damage with every pass. This special texture’s micro sub-surface creates pockets of hot air with strong radiant heat that prevents direct contact with bare plates, protecting your hair from 92% of damage.

CeraSilk™ has floating plates engineered to align perfectly to guarantee ongoing contact with hair, making it an efficient and easy to use tool. Flyaways and frizz can also easily be tamed with the removable styling comb and the beveled edges, which allow you to get close to the root and will not crease your hair. 

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