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A travel blow dryer is a must-have for EVERY hair fanatic. Even if you are pretending your jet-setting but really you are in your gym locker room getting ready for work, finding a travel size dryer with the proper size, quality, and features can be quite difficult. In our perfect world, we’d wake up on the beach of the Bahamas with a margarita in one hand and a powerful, travel size dryer in our suitcase (one that leaves more room for shoes). Well, our DREAMS WERE ANSWERED! You finally don’t have sacrifice on quality or features when finding a travel-size dryer. We’re here to help you shop for the best travel hair dryer to meet your needs.



Size doesn’t matter...until we’re talking about swapping out effectiveness and power. Finding a travel-size dryer with the same benefits as a full-size tool is every hair lover’s dream. Reviews are life, obvi, and you want to make sure that people are noticing a difference between the tool you’re considering purchasing and whatever comes in the hotel with the free soap. Because it might seem perfect in your world, but there’s really no point of bringing it if it’s not going to have a significant difference.


InStyler’s MINI Travel Hair Dryer is known for not only outperforming hotel dryers, but the women who purchase it are saying they even love it more than their primary hair dryer. Let’s look a little closer at the MINI and see why it received such high praise as a travel hairdryer.


Remember that one time you bought a travel size impulse purchase from the Ulta checkout line and it replaced your at-home full-size set? Us too. MINI is loved as both a travel hair dryer and a standard blow dryer for home use. It is also ideal for all hair types, lengths, styles, and ethnicities. This tool was also created with specific needs in mind - for example, the ion delivery removes frizz and adds shine, offers faster drying times, and delivers hair with a smooth silky texture. When you’re shopping for a travel dryer, aim for the stars here and ask yourself - will I love it as much (or more) as my home blow dryer?




We’re busy. As much as I love scrolling through Instagram while my hair dries in a towel, I love getting ready FAST even more. Just like you, finding hair dryers with faster styling times is a must-have.


Want the perfect body? Same. Finding a travel dryer with a concentrator offers you so much more styling control, and makes getting hair with body easier than ever. This is because you are able to focus on a certain section of hair and control the airflow output. If your hair gets easily tangled, a concentrator will also help to prevent from flyaways/loose pieces of hair from getting caught into your styling section - thus leading to fewer tangles.


For stylish, manageable hair after your workout, from your parent’s house after binge eating and Netflixing, and for your glam getaways, you need a travel hair dryer that fits in your luggage and still offers amazing results. Shoutout to you, MINI dryer, for doing the most.

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