The Best Hair Styling Tools for a Perfect Mother Day's Gift

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Mother's Day is approaching, and sometimes gift-giving can be difficult. But we're here to make your search a little easier with a list of the best hair styling tools for a perfect Mother's Day gift. 


Woman on the go

If your mom is, like most moms, an amazing busy multi-tasker, finding the perfect balance of results and time is key. Styling tools that cut down on styling time are perfect for women that don't want to spend an hour in the morning on the hair.  

  • TURBO MAX Ionic Blow Dryer: The InStyler TURBO MAX Ionic Dryer might as well be called an iconic blow-dryer. TURBO MAX uses ions (it's science, baby!) to dry the hair quickly. But don't worry, it's a healthier heat that dries the hair in half the time but keeps the sleek and shines!
  • MINI Dryer: The mini is perfect for the mom that travels and wants to keep her hair game stepped-up, even if she's on the go.
  • MAVEN: MAVEN is InStyler's impressive, sleek drying hot-air brush. MAVEN packs a double punch because it uses two heat sources, while most hot air brushes only use one: the first is hot air, and the second are the heated plates to dry and straighten with one simple tool. Imagine all the precious time mom can save by literally brushing her hair dry.

Can't decide? Grab the TURBO and MINI gift set and go down in history as your mom's favorite. 


Luxurious locks

If your mom has a taste for the finer things in life, that should apply to her hair tools as well. InStyler's hot air tools are luxurious and innovative at a price point that is still affordable. Get her a gift where she can pamper herself at home while all the salons are closed - but even after. 

  • AIRLESS: This revolving styling tool uses 2-way rotation and kinetic energy to give mom any style she wants. Curls? Waves? Sleek and straight? This tool will get ALL of these done, plus more. And the AIRLESS will add a soft, elegant shine to her hair. 
  • CERASILK Styling IronThe CERASILK will giver her hair that "just stepped out of my salon, and I'm ready to slay my day" look while protecting her hair from 92% of the damage. Win-win.
  • GLOSSIE Ceramic Styling BrushThis award-winning styling tool is a must-have for women with thicker hair, with a coarse texture. Mom will save time while looking fine because this tool straightens hair 4.5x faster with each pass. Less time spent on the hair means less damage to the hair follicle. 

Let's face it. Our moms are the real MVPs. And now more than ever, women are looking for ways to self-care at home. Grab a couple of these amazing hair styling tools for mom and show her how fabulous you think she is.

And don't forget to check out InStyler's fantastic recycling program. You can get 35% off a gift for mom, while also helping Mother Earth!

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