Why Women Seeking Fast Drying Times Love TURBO MAX Ionic Hair Dryer

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A high-quality blow dryer feels like the ultimate boss move when you find it and purchase. Then when you do, you wonder how you survived without it before. When making this purchase, the number one need is to find an ionic hair dryer with fast drying time, and added features and benefits simply reinforce the quality of the hair styling tool. 

Our newest product launch, TURBO MAX, is proven to dry hair up to 35% faster than the average hairdryer. This means an INSANE amount of time you get to save in the morning, plus even better styling results. 

If you want to learn what you need in a powerful ionic hair and find out more about our new TURBO MAX, keep reading below!




If you talk the talk, you need to be able to walk the walk. TURBO MAX Ionic Hair Dryer was tested against the leading blow dryers on the market, and the results speak for themselves: TURBO MAX dries hair 35% faster than other leading hair dryers. This is possible thanks to its various design and technology features:

- Aerospace designed airflow system that helps shorten drying time. This unique fan system allows the dryer to be up to 2lb lighter than other dryers.
- 10 times the ionic power of an average hairdryer. Thorough testing and cutting-edge technology have proven that, indeed, TURBO MAX has the fastest hair drying time.
- Maximum customization with Infinity dial allows you to customize airflow between low, medium, and high. 




    After hearing all this, you might be envisioning a heavy dryer designed to accommodate a bulky high-powered fan. However TURBO MAX weighs in at only 14.4 oz - slightly larger than your venti coffee order. If you're someone who always traveling, this is a major benefit because it means you can still pack your full size dryer in your luggage.




    In addition to it’s speedy drying time, power, and lightweight benefits, the TURBO MAX has even more features that you will love.


    - Tourmaline Ceramic Grill protects hair from heat damage and protects the scalp from injury. The ceramic grill also helps to distribute airflow evenly, which plays yet another role into making this ionic hair dryer one with speedy drying time.


    - 9’ professional power cord lets you easily style from any outlet without needing an extension cord


    TURBO MAX will be available on instyler.com August 15th at 12 noon PT. Get yours as soon as its available to experience the luxury of a powerful, time-saving ionic hair dryer that helps create an amazing look, in record time!

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