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Graduation is the most exciting time in your life and it can come with unexpected stresses, but your hair should not be one of them! We created a list of styles for every hair type out there. If you love any of these styles tag us in your grad post with the hashtag #InStylerGrad. For our short-haired friends, we have a simple style that only requires our favorite CURATION Flat Iron. Simply straighten your hair adding a small bend at the end to create the perfect bob.


@instylerhair CURATION #shineshake is for all hair lengths, types and textures 💯 #silkpress #healthyhair #fyp #flatiron #elfitup @hairbynay247 ♬ sevyn streeter say it remix - s


If you have medium-length hair, we have these adorable waves you can create with your Original InStyler or PRIME. Simply place your hair in the bristles, close the iron and allow it to begin rotating as you twist your wrist counter-clockwise.


@instylerhair such a great customer review and tutorial by @uhhhsalma 🤩 thank you for sharing! #TalkCurlyToMe #hairreview #productreview #UltaBeautyatTarget #fy ♬ original sound - InStyler Hair


For the long-haired ladies out there AIRLESS can be the tool you need. This is the opposite of the medium hair tutorial, start with the bristles facing down and place your hair inside. Twist the iron clockwise as you slowly go down your hair. TIP: Always make sure the iron is rotating away from your face.


@instylerhair there is no tool better for a DIY blowout 💯 check out our #tiktokshop to try AIRLESS for yourself! #AFairShotWithBlock #diy #blowout #weekend #aprilfools #fyp ♬ original sound - &lt/3


For the natural girls who are thinking of doing a silk press, this is the perfect tutorial for you. All you need after you blow-dry is heat protectant and CURATION, always remember to use small sections and use the chase method.

TIP: When using the chase method make sure you use a brush or a detangling comb.


“What if I have a rotating iron?” Not a problem, we have a tutorial for you too.




Or if you have an old silk press or style from grad pictures that could use a serious refresh, you’ll need STRAIGHT UP MAX or GLOSSIE.






@instylerhair last chance to win GLOSSIE 💕 head to our IG to enter!!#MacChallengeAccepted #GetTheWChallenge #corememories #hairtok #fyp #fy @sonyajosefina ♬ sonido original - taliaespinoza


Congratulations to all of the graduates out there and good luck on your next endeavors! Don’t forget to tag us in your looks under the hashtag #InStylerGrad.

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