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Lets face it, as much as swim caps prevent damage, they aren’t the best staple accessory to pair with your new monokini.  This summer, we’re focusing on preventing and rehabilitating sun, salt and chlorine damaged hair. As pool season comes to a head, chlorine exposure does too. Our pre-pool routine includes running a little conditioner, or even fresh water (if that’s more accessible) through your hair, creating a barrier between your hair and the chlorine it’s vulnerable to. We prefer to use natural remedies, like apple cider vinegar, as our post pool routine. Applying a little to your hair before taking a shower uses its natural cleansing properties to rid your hair of chlorine.


When it comes to the sun, your skin isn’t the only thing at risk of UV Ray contact. Changing up your part from day to day saves your hair from constantly experiencing UV rays, giving your hair time to rehydrate and recuperate.  Similarly, wearing your hair in a bun lessens the area coming in contact with the sun, plus, buns are the perfect casual hairstyle at any event in the summer. What many people don’t know is that shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils, which protect your hair from sun damage. So think twice before you make a habit of shampooing back-to-back days!


When it comes to you avid beach-goers, it is important to remember that salt has a dehydrating effect on your hair. Like our method to prevent chlorine damage, we add a little conditioner or freshwater to our hair before taking a plunge in the ocean. In all these cases (sun, salt, or chlorine), it’s important to drink water!! A hydrated body translates to hydrated hair, and there’s nothing quite like a healthy, polished look.

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