Best Hair Styling Tools: Everything you need to know about FREESTYLE MAX

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Everything you need to know about FREESTYLE MAX

Joan Crawford once said, “the most important thing a woman can have, next to talent, of course, is her hairdresser”. Recreating the magic that only your trusted hairstylist can create is one of the true challenges in life, and that’s why InStyler exists!


Recreating salon-style looks means finding a multi-use, high quality tool that cuts styling time. One of our newest launches, FREESTYLE MAX, has quickly become a fan favorite and referred to as one of the best hair styling tools. If you’re thinking about buying FREESTYLE MAX, read below to find out more on why it’s a styling must-have.


FREESTYLE MAX Creates Blowout Volume With Total Ease


Victoria’s Secret style hair volume is something we all want. The rounded shape of the FREESTYLE MAX barrel makes getting volume easier than ever. Additionally, because FREESTYLE MAX functions as a hot brush and a straightening iron, it eliminates the need for multiple tools – so you can get volume, straighten, and curl with one tool.  


How do you use FREESTYLE MAX?

Seeing is believing, so let’s explore the operational side of this fun, easy-to-use hair styling tool. Here are some points to follow in order to get a good idea as to how simple the process is:


For Volumizing

  • Place the FREESTYLE MAX at the roots snuggly against the barrel without wrapping your hair around its entirety.
  • Hold the barrel in place for three to five seconds before gliding slowly through the hair.


For Blowout Waves

  • Begin the process by holding the barrel at a vertical position with the brush facing upwards.
  • Begin close to the scalp and wrap a section of hair around the barrel, once, in an S-shape.
  • Maintain the vertical position as you pull and twirl down through the ends of the hair



  • Roll the hair from the bottom towards the root while keeping the barrel horizontal with the hair even on the barrel.
  • Hold for three to five seconds to set the curl
  • Release by slowly unrolling the without pulling the barrel through the hair.


Smooth Shine

  • Take a selection of hair and place the FREESTYLE MAX underneath, snuggly against the roots.
  • Create tension by pressing the hair down through the heated barrel’s bristles.
  • Hold the ends to maintain tension while gliding the tool down from the tips.


FREESTYLE MAX is a dream for those want to create multiple hair looks. With innovative features like ceramic heated plates, cool tip ionic bristles, dual voltage, four heat settings and an automatic shutoff feature, the FREESTYLE MAX is well worth the investment priced under $60. Shop FREESTYLE now and let us know what you think!

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