Have a Love Affair with Your Hair: Meet the TURBO MAX Ionic Hair Dryer

Have a Love Affair with Your Hair: Meet the TURBO MAX Ionic Hair Dryer

Have a Love Affair with Your Hair: Meet the TURBO MAX Ionic Hair Dryer

February 13 2020

When it comes to how we view our hair and the entire styling process, we have mixed reviews. While we love the fabulous feeling that comes after, we don't always love the process. InStyler is here to help you create a love affair with your hair - instead of dreading the time, attention, and everything else that goes into styling - you can have the easiest styling process ever and love the results. TURBO MAX is the best ionic hair dryer that will allow you to have a love affair with your hair, and stop avoiding wash days.  




To have a love affair with your hair, you need to have a carefree styling process that removes the stress of styling while quickly creating the style you want. One easy way to do this is by purchasing an ionic hairdryer.


TURBO MAX is the fastest ionic hairdryer, period. This hair dryer has been tested against leading hair dryers that cost four times as much, and the test results showed that TURBO MAX dries hair up to 35% faster. Not only does this allow you to get out the door much faster, but it also gives you more time to focus on the styling technique and less on getting the hair dry and smooth.  


Why is the TURBO MAX Ionic Hair Dryer so Fast?


Simply put, ionic hair dryers (at least the best ones) utilize a special kind of technology that increases drying time not seen in traditional hair dryers. Here’s how an ionic hair dryer works:


  • Ionic hair dryers transfer negative ions to hair
  • These negative ions attract the positive ions in water held by the hair.
  • The ions break apart water molecules in hair, drying it faster
  • This methodology is significantly faster than using traditional heat sources
  • Ionic hair dryer technology also helps prevent heat damage to hair

Thanks to this innovative technology, hair can be dried faster, and healthier making the TURBO MAX ionic hairdryer the best buy priced at under $100.


What Else is there to Fall in Love With?


Aside from a 35% faster drying time, TURBO MAX includes many other amazing features: 

  • 10 times the power of a traditional hairdryer
  • Aerospace designed airflow system
  • Infinity dial that offers maximum customization
  • Turbo ion generator
  • Tourmaline ceramic grill
  • Advanced high torque motor
  • Ultra-lightweight (14.4 oz)
  • 9’ professional power cord


These features help to ensure an even dry and easier, faster styling all from an incredibly lightweight hairdryer. These features create the perfect setting for flawless, stress-free styling that brings the fun and joy back to hairstyling.


Shop TURBO MAX below and experience the magic for yourself.  

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