What to look for in a travel hair dryer

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We get it-you're busy. Between work, social life, trying to respond to texts, and drinking enough water, it can be difficult to do it all. Doing your hair does not need to be the same – especially blowdrying. When traveling, especially for work, the space is limited and the checked bag fees are high. So using your sacred luggage space means bringing high-quality hair tools that still let you check all the other boxes. Save time and luggage space by investing in a travel hair dryer that has all the right features and specs. Keep reading below to learn how to identify the best travel hairdryer.  


Empower Your Style with a Travel Hair Dryer that has Full-Size Power


Ultimately, a travel hair dryer needs to deliver the same power one would expect from a full-size model. The idea of a good travel hair dryer is not to decrease the power to accommodate a smaller size, but rather to pack all the power of a full size dryer into a smaller compact design. Travel hair dryers usually have the following:


   - High compression turbine fan
   - Powerful airflow
   - Tourmaline grill to give a powerful heat distribution
   - Dual voltage to enable a power source in most countries


    The best things come in small packages. And when you invest in a travel hair dryer with a high compression turbine fan and all the other components that amp up the styling power like our MINI Travel Dryer, you have a blow dryer that will get the job done, in a flash, and leave you looking like you just spent an hour in the salon – even when you only had 10 minutes in your hotel bathroom.


    Fast Drying Time is Essential when Buying a Travel Hair Dryer


    You just got off a 10 hour flight. You’re tired, need to freshen up, and have limited time to prepare for your meeting in a few hours. After a shower the last thing you want to do is spend 60 minutes at the mirror drying and styling your hair. This is where the MINI travel dryer saves your life. The MINI offers a speedy drying time in a small, compact design so that you no longer have to choose between the two. Kiss the hotel blow dryer goodbye -  MINI is setting a new standard.


    What Additional Bonuses Should I look for in a Travel Hair Dryer?


    Aside from a fast drying time and full power, there are other benefits that lend to the superior quality of a good travel hairdryer. These should include:

       - A modern, stylish design
       - Lightweight
       - Comfortable handle / easy to hold
       - A concentrator
       - Ceramic materials for protecting hair and even heat distribution
       - Designed for all hair lengths, types, and textures
       - Compact size perfect for totes, gym bags, and suitcases


    When you can find a travel hair dryer that gives the ability to quickly dry and style hair to get a fabulous blowout look, and that has all of the above features, you can be confident that you’ve hit the jackpot.


    Experience the fast-drying time and power of the MINI travel hairdryer. Order yours today and watch your travel lifestyle take on a new level of ease!

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